QMobile by QDiscovery

QMobile allows your legal team to review, analyze and produce mobile device data–including texts, chats and call logs–within Relativity, the same way you manage email and document reviews.

A revolutionary approach to analysis and review of mobile device data

QMobile is the bridge between mobile device data collection and Relativity. This new approach to mobile device data leverages the full capabilities of eDiscovery review and analysis in Relativity.

QMobile standardizes and integrates data from mobile devices, so attorneys and litigation support professionals can review the information all together in Relativity, instead of across separate spreadsheets and PDFs. It allows you to use Relativity’s analytics features, like email threading and data visualizations, to identify patterns in conversations and see how conversations move between communication channels. Recognizing these patterns could be key to identifying critical evidence.

Review conversations from a single custodian or multiple custodians across a range of communication platforms, including:

  • Text messages (SMS, MMS)
  • Chats (iMessage, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Call logs and voicemail

QMobile capabilities include:

  • Message threading
  • Conversation view with in-line attachments
  • Visualizations by conversation, date, etc.
  • Filters to recognize patterns between participants, message types and topics
  • Parent/child relationships are maintained
  • Responsive to Relativity Analytics
QMobile: 2017 Innovation Awards Winner - Community Choice