Rampiva Automate by Rampiva

Rampiva Automate streamlines data processing and loading by tightly integrating the Nuix processing engine with Relativity.

Accelerate your Relativity ingestions by leveraging Rampiva Automate.

Rampiva Automate provides teams with granular control over each processing step. From settings and filters to naming conventions and QC activity, Automate puts your best experts behind every single project. Different projects require different workflows – our Library features let SMEs build around that complexity while keeping the product easy to use for Case Teams. Automate improves insight, control and billing activities by tracking near-real time performance and utilization data in a BI platform.

Key benefits of Rampiva Automate include:

  • Synchronizing naming conventions between Relativity and Nuix
  • Load balancing of Nuix exports to take advantage of Relativity’s distributed architecture
  • Auto-correcting common load file errors and auto-retry load failures
  • Reduce load file manipulation
  • Automatic database overlays
  • Build login credentials into Workflows to improve User Access Controls
  • Streamline QC at every stage – including export – so that your team spends less time looking for, and correcting user errors