Rapid Loader by DiscoverySmith

Automate your production imports.

Rapid Loader allows anyone in your organization to load document productions into Relativity. No matter the production format, whether load files with TIFFs or PDFs with natives, Rapid Loader can handle it.

What makes this tool unique is the use of algorithms to automatically map DAT file columns to their corresponding Relativity fields with no user input. PDF documents are automatically imaged, made searchable, and linked to their respective natives.

Rapid Loader does more than load data. It analyzes the production volume and presents valuable metrics, such as custodian data and date ranges, before it even begins loading data to Relativity.

Benefits of Rapid Loader include:

  • Loads productions into Relativity with minimal user involvement
  • Detects production errors prior to loading into Relativity
  • Provides valuable metrics and insights while loading data
  • Logs production statistics to Relativity via the DiscoverySmith Volume Tracker app