RedactSmart™ by Lighthouse eDiscovery

RedactSmart™ increases the speed and consistency with which redactions are applied, using programmable pattern recognition to complete hundreds of redactions in minutes.

Automate Redactions to Save Time and Ensure Accuracy

Through the use of its proprietary SmartSeries™ offerings, Lighthouse eDiscovery cuts clients’ ediscovery costs by reducing the volume of data subject to review and automating workflows to make the review of relevant and privileged data more efficient. RedactSmart™ is an easy and accurate method of applying redactions within the Relativity review environment. Using software to draw boxes on TIFF images can be a huge headache.

Furthermore, manual redactions are commonly applied by a number of different reviewers, making the redactions inconsistent and error–prone. RedactSmart™ addresses these challenges by enabling reviewers to search and redact words, phrases, sentences, or other blocks of data–not just in one document, but across the matter. RedactSmart™ also supports searching and redaction of social security numbers, phone numbers, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information that follows a programmable pattern. This and other examples of efficient and effective workflow, process, and reporting are available through Lighthouse eDiscovery’s SmartSeries™.

Benefits of RedactSmart™ include:

  • Does not require users to image documents before redacting.
  • Allows customizable redaction text, as well as the ability to modify redactions, and has bulk- or single-redaction deletion capabilities.
  • Modification and QC by individual or bulk edits are streamlined through the dashboard.
  • Enables consistent and cost-effective redactions across a matter and fully integrates with Relativity.
  • Helps avoid the errors, inconsistencies, and unwanted costs of manual redaction.