ReviewSmart™ (TAR) by Lighthouse eDiscovery

ReviewSmart™ is Lighthouse’s augmented technology-assisted review (TAR) solution. It pairs software solutions from Equivio technology with Relativity to cut the cost of linear review through defensible machine learning.

Use Machine Learning to Carry the Burden of Reviewing Large Document Sets

Through the use of its proprietary SmartSeries™ offerings, Lighthouse eDiscovery cuts clients’ ediscovery costs by effectively and efficiently reducing the volume of data subject to review and automating workflows to analyze, categorize, and report on both relevant and privileged data. ReviewSmart™ provides a fast, accurate, and cost-effective way to improve your document review process. ReviewSmart™ is trained based on an expert reviewer’s decisions for a small sample of documents. It then leverages complex algorithms to apply those decisions to the remainder of the documents. With the results of the ReviewSmart™ process, you can prioritize which documents to review first, review only the documents the system categorizes as responsive, or simply produce the documents the system categorizes as responsive.

Regardless of the approach you choose, RedactSmart™ delivers substantial cost savings in both hosting expenses and attorney review hours and increases consistency of review decisions across your case. ReviewSmart™ is a safe and effective way to quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively conduct first-pass review. This and other examples of efficient and effective workflow, process, and reporting are available through Lighthouse eDiscovery’s SmartSeries™.

Benefits of ReviewSmart™ include:

  • Improves review efficiency, using complex algorithms to apply decisions to millions of documents in minutes.
  • Provides cost savings by reducing review volume.
  • Provides greater consistency than manual review.
  • Lighthouse provides expert support and a well-established workflow that includes sample selection, validation rounds, statistical analysis, and stringent quality control, ensuring that you are successful with your TAR project.