RTK.Loadfile by Anexsys

RTK.Loadfile is a simple-to-use utility which integrates with Relativity and provides several useful features for managing loadfiles.

RTK.Loadfile automates and simplifies every day loadfile challenges

RTK.Loadfile was designed by the consultants at Anexsys to solve every day challenges encountered when dealing with document loadfiles. RTK.Loadfile automates common loadfile tasks including comparison of a loadfile against a Relativity workspace and splitting loadfiles for faster ingestion, or for complying with requirements of a production or disclosure specification.

eDiscovery teams regularly have to convert loadfiles from DAT to CSV in order to open them in applications such as Microsoft Excel to check and apply any modifications. Sometimes, loadfile delimiters appear within the columns which can cause issues, or the column data might be too long. RTK.Loadfile complies with the CSV specification and effectively handles escaping of delimiter characters, eliminating these issues.

RTK.Loadfile has been tested on Relativity versions 8.0 and higher and is installed using Relativity’s Application Deployment System

Benefits of RTK.Loadfile include:

  • No more time consuming (and potentially dangerous) manual manipulations of DAT files
  • Faster checking of a loadfile against a Relativity workspace
  • Quickly convert between CSV and DAT formats
  • Rapidly and accurately split load files for regulatory requirements, or for simultaneous loading into Relativity