Skribe by KPMG

Set your reporting free! Whatever your bespoke reporting requirements, Skribe automates production of fully customizable Excel or interactive HTML reports and dashboards. Scheduling and notifications are also handled, so you can quit the busywork and focus on delivering value.

Full reporting automation, completely customizable.

With Skribe, manually running searches for custom update reports is a thing of the past. Simply combine those exact same searches into a report and provide the Excel template file which you normally fill-in by hand. Skribe will do the laborious work of running each search and inserting the results into the template and will email you when finished (with or without the encrypted report attached). As well as searches, Skribe can pull data from views and scripts, and supports HTML-based interactive templates. Once your report is set up, simply set it on a schedule and boom, reporting sorted!

Benefits of Skribe include:

  • Automate even the most custom manual reporting process
  • Report from searches, views and scripts
  • Output to Excel, Dynamic HTML and CSV
  • Set reports on a schedule
  • Configure custom email notifications, with highly flexible error handling