Smart DeDuper by Law in Order

The Law In Order Smart DeDuper allows Relativity users to remove any additional duplicates after the initial, standard Relativity processing duplication process. Users can tag unique, master and duplicate documents based on an individual item or a family group of items. A fully customised and user-friendly interface function helps users to review the duplicates and QA the inconsistencies. This helps remove messaging duplicates not only on standard email software but also on collaborative systems such as shared whiteboards, interactive chat, meeting and conference software, etc.

Benefits of Smart DeDuper include:

  • Supports multi-platform generated emails
  • Supports email types processed by different platforms then uploaded to Relativity
  • Easy navigation between duplicates, unique files and master files
  • User-friendly interface enabling a single click to view different sets of files
  • Allows users to tag master files, unique files and duplicates based on an individual item or a family group of items
  • Reduces the number of emails to review before review begins
  • Allows users to define the workflow based on their searches to finalise the duplication set
  • Streamlines the review process, saving time and money