Solid Proof by DiscoverySmith

Automate your production QCs and editing.

Solid Proof is a multifunctional Relativity post-production tool. For automated QC, the tool quickly analyzes and compares Relativity production exports against production sets, instantly validating key stats relied upon by e-discovery professionals.

For manual QC, the tool links Relativity and the exported production data, enabling anyone to perform deep analysis, without needing to open either. For example, isolate and analyze any documents coded ‘privileged’ located on a hard drive.

For data manipulation, the software offers several automated data scrubbing and transformation capabilities, allowing for seamless adherence to a production’s technical specifications.

Benefits of Solid Proof include:

  • Automatically validates production metrics
  • Automatically performs field renaming and field scrubbing
  • Eliminates the need to manually open the volume folder and load files
  • Links Relativity and the production export for seamless QC
  • Built-in conversion and encryption tools
  • Logs production statistics to Relativity via the DiscoverySmith Volume Tracker app