TSD Software

TSD Software is an eDiscovery software development with over nine years of experience providing custom application development services for the Relativity platform. They have also designed its own suite of Relativity-based applications.

Since 2013, TSD Software has developed custom applications for the Relativity platform. They have considerable expertise that allows their RelaTeams to create various custom development projects and extensions for the Relativity platform, leading law firms, government organizations and service providers.

TSD Software specializes in the following Relativity tools and services:

  • Custom pages (integrated, standalone or both)
  • Event handlers
  • Agents (single- or multi-agent setup)
  • API calls (RSAPI, REST API)
  • Direct database calls and access
  • SQL scripts
  • Relativity Dynamic Objects
  • Console buttons
  • Mass operations
  • Programming saved searches (create, rename and add/remove conditions)
  • Structuring Relativity applications (Object Rules, Layouts, Views, etc.)
  • Elasticsearch
  • Gravity, a framework for fast and streamlined custom development within the Relativity platform.
  • TSD Development Training & Consultation for Relativity: We help customers to find the best solutions to their unique questions and challenges related to Relativity development by relying on the advisory of our adept specialists. TSD’s experts will carefully listen to your challenges and needs, analyze the situation, propose the most suitable approach to go with, and most importantly, they will advise exactly how the concrete goal can be best achieved.
  • Support and Maintenance for Relativity Apps: An annual support and maintenance service, which ensures that your custom Relativity apps and workflows are compatible with the latest Relativity release.
  • Automation Testing for Relativity Apps: We can help you shorten the regression testing cycles of your custom Relativity applications and develop a test automation framework that fits into your continuous release process.

TSD Software's Custom Applications, Built for the Relativity Platform:

  • Relanote: Provides the ability to tag Workspaces and add notes
  • Analytics Application Part I: Analyzes and classifies Relativity documents using machine learning
  • Analytics Application Part II: Optimizing the application with near duplicate detection and clustering
  • Data Migration Application: Migrates documents' extracted text from SQL to Data Grids
  • Search Application using ElasticSearch: Provides the ability to search terms in Relativity documents, based on Elasticsearch index
  • Forensic File Type Handlers Phase I: Ingests and converts EO1 files
  • Forensic File Type Handlers Phase II: Research, analysis and documenting EDB files conversion
  • MaxBilling: Automates the billing process and streamlines the invoice-to-cash cycle
  • MaxMessage: Builds on the Message of the Day feature to enhance communications
  • TSD Email Event Handler: Provides the ability of sending email notifications, allowing selected recipients to be notified about edits on a Relativity object

TSD Software's Custom Applications, Built for Clients:

  • Connectors with different platforms: We have built various applications which connect Relativity with different external systems such as translation platforms, FTP/SFTP servers, external services, etc. The final products have allowed for a smooth two-way connection including user-friendly UI, good logging and monitoring capabilities.
  • Applications utilizing AI services: The majority of projects that TSD has developed employ innovative technologies and embrace the vast capabilities of AI. We have worked on building applications that utilize IBM Watson and Azure Cognitive Services, which have helped on a faster, more efficient and accurate document analysis in the clients' legal cases. We have also designed an analytics application which uses SVN models to classify documents in a case.
  • Applications for managing Relativity and exporting data: We have built various applications which improve the management of workflows in Relativity such as case managing apps and case monitoring apps. Our teams have developed applications which provide different export options for Saved Searches, folder structures, etc.
  • Tools for visualization and processing of audio and video files in Relativity: We have created applications which offer broad capabilities of playing audio and video files in Relativity. They also provide users with the ability to interact with the information in the files while reviewers are enabled to code the documents accordingly.
  • Various types of Relativity Scripts and tools