VECA by vdiscovery

VECA, vdiscovery’s powerful early case assessment tool, allows our clients to quickly gain key insights into their data, collect and review from disparate sources such as mobile phones, forensic images from applications such as EnCase, or business tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and reduce costs and data volumes.

Early Cases Assessment for Short Message and Hard Drives

VECA works behind the scenes to export EnCase file lists, create directory listings, prepare text messages and perform other supporting tasks such as metadata enrichment and text extraction while our custom Relativity application includes the views, layouts and visualizations needed to power your review.

VECA’s proprietary technology and seamless integration with the Relativity platform normalizes message formats across your entire data set, enabling file deduplication, the searching and the filtering of document text and metadata, data visualizations, and conversion to Relativity’s RSMF format for review.

Some key benefits of VECA include:

  • Combines messages into easy-to-follow conversations
  • Control how to group messages into conversations
  • Metadata enrichment for comprehensive review
  • Text message translation to and from multiple languages
  • Ability to promote and produce individual messages without redacting the rest
  • Text message deduplication
  • Customized Relativity workspace tailored for text message review
  • Full audit of user activity
  • Ability to handle large data sets
  • Promotes only relevant messages to review in RSMF format

VECA graphic