aiWARE™ by Veritone Legal

Veritone® is a leading cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology company that enables legal teams to search and discover media files quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. The innovative Veritone Platform unlocks the power of AI-based cognitive computing to help you process, transform, and analyze unstructured audio and video in a seamless, automated matter.

Powerful Cognitive Media Search and Analysis for e-Discovery and Compliance

Most AI solutions for analyzing media content are closed systems limited to a single or narrow set of tools for indexing and analysis. In contrast, Veritone integrates best-of-breed cognitive engines to reveal valuable multivariate insights in near real-time from vast amounts of audio, video, and text data.

Benefits of aiWARE include:

  • Process and Analyze Multiple Media Formats. A unified solution for all audio and video content means large volumes of media data can be searched, analyzed, and shared - with media file redaction - to find precise and relevant information for critical events.
  • Simple, Secure, and Scalable. The Veritone Platform is a secure cloud-based solution with a simple user interface. It scales via a proprietary temporal elastic database that synthesizes various disparate cognitive data in a cohesive, time-based format.
  • Proactive Risk Analysis and Compliance. Monitor and get immediate access to media through dynamic, multivariate querying based on phrases, keywords, faces, objects, and more.
  • Synchronized Transcription. Seamlessly bring the power of audio and video media file support, plus synchronized transcription, to your fingertips. Users can view any audio and media file, along with its transcription, within Relativity for a nominal fee. Simply download and install the Veritone media player into Relativity for free and begin to enjoy faster productivity.