Virtual CTO by Cantilever Technologies LLC

Virtual CTO is a service-oriented offering to hyperdrive your Relativity custom development operations.

Relativity custom development expertise.

You’ve implemented Relativity for eDiscovery and now you want to harness the power of the platform to develop your own custom applications. You have developers on staff but making time to ramp up on the Relativity platform is nearly impossible given their existing obligations.

Cantilever’s ‘triple-threat’ experts deploy on-site to accelerate development of your radical new invention while also training your development team on the ins and outs of Relativity’s SDK. Don’t have developers? No problem, we can help you develop hiring profiles to find amazing people with skills appropriate to Relativity app development. At the end of the engagement you’ll have a functional, well documented product; an internal team that can maintain, support, and evolve your offering; and comfort in knowing you’ve limited the exposure of your IP.

Benefits of Virtual CTO include:

Accelerate Time to Market

  • Training on system and APIs
  • Guidance on features and architecture
  • Code optimization with minimal testing effort: Expert can immediately recognize inefficient code and offer improvements

Reuse knowledge

  • Developers and internal Product Owners learn how Relativity works so they can continue to design and develop future ideas

Minimal support efforts

  • Your staff retains knowledge of your application architecture
  • You do not need to involve third-party developers on support issues

IP Security

  • Limited exposure of your IP to third-parties