Virtual Helpdesk by JND eDiscovery

Virtual Helpdesk is a collaboration tool and support ticketing system for remote teams. The app allows Relativity users to live chat and screen share with JND’s RelativityOne Certified Cloud and Services Partner team, access user documentation and training videos, and monitor queued support tickets in the Relativity platform.

Project Management Tool with Live Chat and Support Ticketing System

JND eDiscovery introduced Virtual Helpdesk in 2020 at the height of the global pandemic as legal tech and lit support professionals began working remotely in compliance with shelter-in-place mandates. Built to facilitate the collaborative problem-solving and solution-sharing that litigation support teams benefit from when working side-by-side, the Virtual Helpdesk app makes it easy for remote teams to access resources, live support and proven solutions.

Users can navigate to Virtual Helpdesk from the left rail menu in Relativity (shown below) to access 1) Live Chat, 2) Screen Share, 3) Support Tickets, and 4) Resources.

Use Virtual Helpdesk to:

  • Live chat and video/screen share with JND’s Relativity-certified teach team
  • Queue, monitor and track queued support tickets
  • Access Relativity user documentation, training videos and JND custom solutions
JND Virtual Helpdesk: 2021 Innovation Awards Winner - Solution Provider