Vu™ by Contact Discovery Services

Vu™ brings the most relevant information to the surface for a more intuitive experience, empowering Relativity users of all experience levels. Make informed decisions faster with visually engaging charts and graphics that reveal the health of your matter and its progress.

Data visualization that helps you make the right decisions faster.

Vu™ takes all the most sought-after information within Relativity and gathers it into easy-to-understand dashboards. Answer your most common questions without engaging your provider. See how many documents you have, what types of documents they are, and your team’s progress. As you prepare outgoing documents, Vu™ tracks the volume ID, date produced, size of production, native vs. image breakdown, number of redactions, and the receiving party. In typical Vu™ style, we put all the most important information on a single screen with crystal-clear visuals.

Vu screenshot

Benefits of Vu™ include:

  • See the scope of your project and track its progress in seconds
  • Visualize each matter with intuitive charts, graphs, and interactive reports
  • Understand what data was collected, published, and produced quicker than ever before
  • Use insights from Structured Analytics to save time on review
  • Dive into reviewer statistics and batch progress so you always know where the matter stands
  • Find helpful resources in our document library
  • Included at no additional cost with Relativity hosting services