XAMN is an intuitive yet extremely powerful tool to review and analyze forensic data. It provides unprecedented search, linking, and filtering options that enable investigators, analysts, and digital examiners to quickly discover evidence in data from mobile devices. XAMN simplifies and speeds up your work and is the tool of choice for anything from review of pictures and messages to advanced hex carving.

Discover critical evidence and intelligence faster.

XAMN is the review platform for MSAB's suite of digital forensic tools dedicated to mobile forensic data recovery. The Relativity export option in XAMN allows you to seamlessly export conversations, messages, and persons for further review together with other case data in RelativityOne. The exports include investigator-selected SMS/MMS messages, messages from popular chat apps and social media platforms, and key metadata related to voice and video calls.

All user actions performed in XAMN, leading up to and including the export, are recorded in an audit log, making it possible for a third-party to review and, if necessary, recreate the steps taken.

Key benefits of XAMN include:

  • Ingest and analyze data from MSAB’s XRY, third-party extraction tools, call data records (CDR), warrant and personal data returns from online service providers, and more
  • Narrow down your search by filtering on content category, text, time, phone number, file size, geography, deleted data, text patterns, Project VIC, and more
  • Link phone numbers, chat aliases, and other key identifiers to Persons
  • Discover and investigate data from different perspectives, including Timeline, Maps, and Connections
  • Use XAMN’s AI-based content recognition filter to automatically classify images as weapons, drugs, people, and other key categories
  • Export relevant message artifacts for further review in RelativityOne