Relativity for Data Migration

Migrate your data with greater efficiency and less risk.

Move your data to the cloud, between archives, and wherever else you need it.

Be Confident in Every Data Transfer

Migrate makes data migration the easiest part of your day.

Data Migration - Fast and simple transfers icon

Fast & simple transfers

Move to the cloud from a variety of platforms with incredible ease and speed. All it takes is a few clicks.
Data Migration - Predictable process icon

Predictable process

Migrate promises a killer success rate and easy troubleshooting. Take the complexity of data transfers out of the equation.
Data Migration - Secure platform icon

Secure platform

Trade in third-party tools for peace of mind. Whatever solution you’re migrating from, you’ll always maintain the full chain of custody.

Built for a Variety of Data Sources

Migrate offers a variety of workflows to support just about any data migration you need.

Migrate for Relativity Server

Step into the cloud with fast and easy transfers from Relativity Server to RelativityOne. See how it works.

Migrate for Legacy Solutions

Move your data out of legacy e-discovery systems and into the speed and security of RelativityOne.

Migrate for Microsoft

Transfer data from file systems, mailboxes, and personal home drives to SharePoint, OneDrive, and more.

Migrate for Google

Seamlessly push any data you need into Google Workspace and Google Cloud in just a few steps.

Migrate for Archives

Get out of legacy archives and into newer, safer options like Proofpoint, Mimecast, and Microsoft.

Ready to see Migrate in action?

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Data Migration Overview

Learn more about Relativity’s data migration tools and see the full list of platforms we support.

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