Australian End-to-End Workflow Enhancements: Document-Level Numbering

Meet End-to-End Australian Workflow Enhancements: Document-Level Numbering

At Relativity Fest 2019, we sat down with some of our Australian customers to talk about the things that RelativityOne can do better – specifically, processing and production gaps that are currently preventing you from leveraging RelativityOne for the complete e-discovery process. We consistently heard about one big requirement in the Australian Document Management Protocols: numbering at the document level.

Without document-level numbering, Australian customers had to process data outside of RelativityOne and then import it back in, which created inefficiencies and IT headaches. But not anymore.

Now, you can publish documents with a control number that follows the PPP.BBB.FFF.NNNN format at the document level. You can specify the number of digits to assign to each level, the start number for each data source, and how to handle scenarios when documents do not fit the current level. 

Work faster and with more confidence, knowing your documents are assigned the correct document ID from the very beginning of your case.

We appreciate the feedback and input from our Australian community over the past year, and we look forward to continued collaboration to ensure that RelativityOne meets your needs.

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