Building a Better User Experience, One Search at a Time

We’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your day-to-day experience with RelativityOne, and we know that even small developments can have a big impact. Just check out these latest enhancements, designed to make your day a little bit smoother.

First up: searching. It’s the epicenter of working with data and, with this release, we’ve made two improvements to save you time.

  • All saved searches in RelativityOne are now created through a consistent interface with fewer clicks to complete tasks. 
  • A new “Save As” button instantly creates a saved search directly from the interface. You no longer need to run the search, find it, and rename it.

Need to use the Relativity Desktop Client? You’re in luck. We’ve just refined the download experience so you can install the RDC and get to work right away.

Also, two new improvements to review: Easily navigate backwards in the active learning viewer to locate previously reviewed documents and correct coding decisions.  Additionally, we’ve added some improvements to make reviewing short message files easier than ever. Zoom in. Zoom out. Show or hide the timeline. You’re in control.

Lastly, you might notice more consistency across the entire interface, with all binary fields now appearing as flip switches so you can check your settings at a glance. 

There are plenty more UX updates to come. Stay tuned.

Want to see the future of Relativity's user experience?