Clone Your Collection Jobs in One Click

Clone Your Collection Jobs in One Click

Collecting data isn’t always a one-time job. Some matters require multiple or incremental collections – and there’s no reason to build those from scratch every time.

That’s why we created the new Clone Collection feature. With collection cloning, you have a foolproof way to recollect previously run collections – either with the exact same criteria as before, or with minor adjustments here and there.

Just locate the existing collection that you’d like to clone and click the “clone collection” button. RelativityOne will automatically create a new job using all the existing custodians, data sources, and any filter criteria you previously selected. From there, you can choose to immediately start the collection process or modify your collection criteria with new dates.

Collection cloning is great for running incremental collections, or even testing and replicating an existing collection to run it again as is. By automating the process, you’ll not only save hours for your team – you’ll ensure a consistent, error-free collection every time.

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