Create a More Holistic Picture of the People in Your Case

Understanding the interactions between the people in your case is critical to uncovering the truth. That’s why, earlier this year, we released name normalization, a feature that automatically collects an individual’s different aliases into one entity that you can customize and extend throughout your project.

You can add attributes, like company, role, department, expertise, and any other information that will give you a better picture of who each individual is and what role they play in your matter.

And now, thanks to a new integration with Case Dynamics, you can use entities from the onset of your case all the way through case strategy.

With Case Dynamics and entities working together, the list of people and organizations will include all the enriched information you added to each entity—whether it’s something as simple as their role or additional notes about their communications.

With entities leveraged throughout your entire case lifecycle, you can paint a better picture of what happened and who was involved.

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