Introducing Store for Secure & Long-Term Storage

With certain preservation and archive policies, you may need to store various types of data for long periods of time. How can you ensure easy access to that data in the future?

RelativityOne Store—a brand new add-on storage option—gives you a place to safely preserve your collected data or archive inactive cases until the moment you need them. And because Store is part of RelativityOne, you can rest assured its protected by the comprehensive, proactive, and intel-driven security program that keeps all your e-discovery data safe and sound.

With all your data in one platform, you can save time and resources setting up and managing alternative storage solutions. If you ever need that data down the line, you can quickly and easily move it out of storage and process it into a review or archive workspace. No risky transfers. No chance of loss or corruption. No need for multiple vendors or software solutions.

Best of all? Store requires no administration effort. We manage the environment for you, including setup, ongoing maintenance, backups, and disaster recovery. And, you’ll have visibility into Store usage and capacity within the Data Utilization tab of RelativityOne Activity Dashboard. At a glance, you’ll see how much data is in Store versus how much is in your subscription.

Want to see how it works?