Relativity Project Management Specialist Certification

The Relativity Project Management Specialist certification is available for project managers who have experience with Relativity products and features and understand how to effectively leverage them in a case workflow.

The exam is offered online and at testing centers around the globe. Register on the Relativity Community site.

Exam Overview

What to Expect

The Relativity Project Management Specialist exam tests your ability to leverage various Relativity products in a case workflow and identify creative solutions to data challenges.

Study materials are available in the Certification Tracker on the Relativity Community site to help you prepare. There are also a number of resources listed in our FAQs that can help you prepare.

The exam tests on Relativity 10.3 as of June 1, 2020. Please plan accordingly when studying for the exam.


There are no prerequisites for this certification; however, we recommend the following prior to taking the exam:

  • At least six months of hands-on experience managing projects in Relativity
  • Prior exposure to and understanding of Review, Processing, and Analytics

How to Take an Exam

Online or at a Testing Center Near You

To register for an exam, visit the Certification Tracker on the Relativity Community site and click the “Take the Exam” button.

Please review resources below for detailed information on our exams, the registration process, and links for Relativity-approved study resources.

Study Resources and FAQs

Additional Resources

Support from the Community

Looking for some extra help? Head to the Relativity Community for study resources.


Advanced Discovery’s Eric Prince shares his experiences as a Project Management specialist (and a few tips for passing the exam).

Keep Your Certification Current

Once you pass the exam, don’t forget to keep up with your continuing education credits.


Get answers to all your questions, plus some study resources, in our FAQs.