RCE Credit Opportunities

Relativity gives you the chance to earn Relativity Continuing Education (RCE) credits whenever you need them—on your schedule or ours.

Be sure to complete this survey to claim your RCE credits. Please allow one week for RCE credits to appear in the Relativity Community.

Name Date RCE Credits Start Date Topics Session Type Location
Name RCE Credits Topics Skill Level User Type
Name RCE Credits
Name RCE Credits

* Content must be directly related to the e-discovery industry, at least 300 words, and completed within your most current active certification period.

Name RCE Credits
Name RCE Credits

Additional Resources

Community Site

Track your Relativity trainings and Relativity continuing education credits in the Education Center in the Community.

RCE Credit Policies and Guidelines

Read an overview of RCE Credit information, and learn more about the types of RCE credit opportunities available.

Claim Your RCE Credits

Submit this survey to ensure you get your credits for authoring content, attending industry events, or watching select online self-paced trainings.


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