Import/Export Overview

  • 2 RCE credits towards RCA, Review Management, Analytics, Processing, Infrastructure, Project Management, and Data Management certifications.

In this session, we provide a comprehensive dive into the Import/Export application, giving you a solid foundation for harnessing Relativity's most powerful data transfer tool. We discuss getting setup, working with .KWE files, Express Transfer, and then walk you through best practice workflows for importing and exporting data, including:

  • Unstructured workflows,
  • Structured workflows, and
  • Export workflows.

Whether you have email that needs to be processed for review or a production you need to get out the door, Import/Export has streamlined the process, giving you more time back in your busy schedule. This session is perfect for both those new to the Import/Export application as well as those who would like a refresher.

Claiming Your RCE Credits: Once you watch the full recording, 2 RCE credits will be automatically awarded within 8 hours of completion. Please register for the webinar with the same email address that is associated with your certification. If you do not receive the credits within 24 hours or if your email address has changed, please reach out to

Note, you can only receive RCE credits for a specific self-paced video and/or live webinar once per certification year. If you viewed the webinar live, you will not receive RCE credits for viewing the self-paced video in the same certification year.

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