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Creating an OCR profile

An OCR Profile is a saved, reusable set of parameters that you use when creating an OCR Set. To run an OCR job, you must first create an OCR Profile. If no Profiles have been created, you are unable to save or run an OCR Set.

Note that you are not required to create a Profile for every OCR Set you create; you have the option of using only one Profile for all sets. However, you may wish to have multiple Profiles saved with different accuracy or language settings to use for different document sets you plan to OCR.

Under the OCR Profiles tab in your workspace, you can find the New OCR Profile button.

Clicking the New OCR Profile button brings up the OCR Profile form.

Complete the following to create a new OCR Profile. Properties in orange are required.

OCR Profile information


Once saved, the Profile provides the following options. These are the same options available on the saved OCR Set layout:


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