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How did they do it?

  • Moved to RelativityOne from a server-based solution to boost performance and gain opportunities only the cloud could offer
  • Completed a 45TB migration with zero minutes of downtime
  • Increased time to value with features like Automated Workflows and Analytics
  • Transformed their e-discovery business from cost center to profit center with RelativityOne
  • Moved beyond e-discovery with more time and freedom to prioritize innovation

Better Tech and Bigger Savings in the Cloud

“All the really cutting-edge technology is made for the cloud.” That’s what Kelly Friedman, senior counsel and national leader of Beyond eDiscovery at Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG) thought a few years ago when her firm was considering the next steps for their e-discovery program.

The firm was interested in advanced capabilities, like Automated Workflows, Redact, and Management Console, that are only available in the cloud. In addition, BLG’s server solution was experiencing uneven performance across BLG locations. As the largest law firm in Canada, with offices across the country, the firm found that offices located far from their servers often had issues with speed and performance, causing downtime in operations.

Between the greater capabilities the cloud could provide, and the challenges BLG was facing with their on-prem solution, BLG made the choice to move to RelativityOne.

RelativityOne’s cloud-based platform has led to uniform performance for all of BLG’s offices across Canada, and its robust features have made the move a huge win for BLG, Kelly, and her Beyond e-Discovery team.

A Massive Migration with Zero Downtime

BLG's biggest requirement when moving to a new e-discovery solution was completing their 45TB migration to RelativityOne with zero downtime. With careful planning, a training program for associates, and dedicated support from the Relativity team, BLG was able to achieve this goal. They met with the Relativity team daily to ensure progress was on track every step of the way. “We didn’t have one minute of downtime,” says Kelly. “I was so pleasantly surprised with how the migration went. It was a huge success.”

"We didn’t have one minute of downtime. I was so pleasantly surprised with how the migration went. It was a huge success.”
Kelly Friedman, Senior Counsel and National Leader of Beyond eDiscovery

Hands-On, Proactive Support

The robust capabilities RelativityOne brings have also been exciting for BLG. The Relativity team keeps them informed with training tools and seminars to get users up to speed. “It is astounding how much we have accomplished. The Relativity team provided the direction, education, and support we needed to stay on track,” Kelly says.

In addition, new features that help maximize efficiencies are regularly rolled out. This has helped the firm utilize RelativityOne to its full potential, including using time-saving features like Analytics and Automated Workflows that weren’t available with their previous solution. “Analytics is so sophisticated. With the proper training, you can utilize it to easily narrow down documents and get to the truth of your matter seamlessly,” Kelly says.

From Cost Center to Profit Center

The ability to precisely track and manage the cost of each workspace for the first time was a huge factor in BLG’s success with RelativityOne. Plus, by utilizing capabilities like Analytics, Redact, and Automated Workflows, the firm greatly improved efficiency and decreased the hours that their lawyers worked, saving money.

“If you’re going to bring in a Ferrari, you need to drive it like a Ferrari,” says Kelly of BLG’s use of RelativityOne’s capabilities. “With the use of this tool, your lawyers are becoming more efficient and more effective. So better lawyers are doing things in less time.” This saves BLG – and their clients – a substantial amount of money.

After moving to RelativityOne and leveraging the tool’s advanced capabilities, the e-discovery team broke even for the first time. As Kelly’s team learned and implemented more capabilities, the amount of time and money saved turned them into a profit center – a major milestone for the team and the firm. They also didn’t have to increase rates after bringing on RelativityOne, keeping their rates profitable at the lowest available in the country.

Beyond e-Discovery

BLG’s success with RelativityOne has made them so efficient that Kelly’s e-discovery team was transformed into “Beyond e-Discovery”. Her team now focuses on ways to use RelativityOne to drive innovation. “The e-discovery business is running smoothly,” Kelly says. “Now that we’re in the cloud, it enables us to think in a cloud-based way.”

"Now that RelativityOne is a well-run machine, I'm able to be more creative and more strategic in my thinking about what comes next.”
Kelly Friedman, Senior Counsel and National Leader of Beyond eDiscovery

This ability to plan strategically has been one of the biggest wins for the firm. By leveraging RelativityOne to become a successful, profitable part of their business, BLG is looking forward to the future growth – and innovation – of their company.

Want to hear more from Kelly? She sat down with us for a Fireside Chat. Listen in below.

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