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  • Worked with the Relativity developer community to build LitSmart Exhibit Sticker app
  • Stamped 500 exhibits in an average of five minutes

When a 3:00 a.m. phone call came in from a distressed paralegal who needed exhibit stickers by 8:00 a.m., Kilpatrick Townsend's LitSmart® E-Discovery Team was charged with exporting and stamping more than 500 potential trial exhibits in a mere five hours. Not only did they face a time crunch, but their process involved moving the documents out of Relativity and into an application that generically placed digital stickers—then manually correcting the stickers' placement on the documents.

The urgency of the call and the tight turnaround time were not uncommon for LitSmart. Their paralegal and litigation support teams were often fighting against the clock to finalize an exhibit list late on a Sunday night, as many federal and district courts often require an early exchange of exhibits. LitSmart shared their experience with vendors and other litigation support professionals, hoping they had a solution. While voicing similar frustrations, their colleagues were unaware of a better way.

Ultimately, LitSmart teamed up with a developer from the Relativity community to build LitSmart Exhibit Sticker, an application integrated into Relativity. The tool allows the firm to add exhibit stickers seamlessly by creating a saved search, identifying their documents, and inserting the digital stickers with the click of a button—all without leaving the platform. Using LitSmart Exhibit Sticker, the team stamped 500 exhibits in an average of five minutes, which is 60 times faster than the five hours it would have taken the team to manually stamp the exhibits.

Next steps for LitSmart entailed rolling out a comprehensive firm-wide training program to build awareness with attorneys and educate paralegals, case assistants, and trial technicians on how to use it effectively. In some cases, firm paralegals have undertaken the process of inserting exhibit stickers on their own, without needing to bring in LitSmart to assist. As a result, they report feeling less stressed as they are able quickly to adapt to last minute changes, such as changing the order of the documents.

“Relativity allowed us to streamline our workflow and improve accuracy when placing digital stickers. LitSmart Exhibit Sticker replaced a clunky and error-prone process with one that is user friendly and gives our paralegals and case teams hours back in the day.”
CRAIG CANNON, Global Discovery Counsel

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