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How did they do it?

  • Saved at least one week by using Collect in RelativityOne for Slack data
  • Reduced their dependency on third-party vendors with Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF)
  • Implemented Redact to eliminate extra steps from their redaction process

Collect and RSMF

Saved one week with Collect and Relativity Short Message Format

  • On a recent case, Nexsen Pruet used Collect in RelativityOne to collect data from Slack and reduce their dependency on third-party vendors.
  • Previously, Nexsen would need a vendor to organize and convert Slack data into a reviewable format. Now, they do that on their own with RSMF.
  • In total, RelativityOne saved the firm a week’s worth of time and a significant amount of money.
Nexsen Pruet - RelativityOne

“Collect is leaps and bounds better than what we were doing before. It's easier, the time and money savings is significant, and we are thrilled with it."

Adam Schryer

Project Manager, Nextra Solutions


Eliminated extra steps from the redaction process

  • Prior to using Redact in RelativityOne, Nexsen Pruet had a tedious and time-consuming process for completing redactions.
  • Now, with Redact, the firm no longer needs to take extra steps like imaging Excel spreadsheets or other documents.
  • They can now complete the full redaction process within RelativityOne.
Nexsen Pruet - RelativityOne

“Before Redact, I would have to image Excel spreadsheets before making any redactions. Now, with adding Redact to our process, there is no need to concern myself with imaging. I easily saved over an hour not having to image the document before applying redactions."

Angela O’Neal

Director, Nextra Solutions

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