Automated Security Processes

We have systems implemented across our entire security posture to maximize the effectiveness of our technology and people. By automating our processes, we can ingest data, contextualize threats, and react before danger materializes.

RelativityOne Monitoring

We continuously monitor each RelativityOne instance for security-related events.


Automation tools, like Splunk, eliminate the manual processes behind collecting and contextualizing data, and improve the quality of the information ingested into our monitoring systems.


A wide variety of indicators feed our alerting system, such as logon events, creation of new users, and alerts from Azure anti-malware. When something is up, we know right away.


Speed and accuracy are our top priorities. Our security team responds to critical alerts 24x7, drastically reducing the time it takes from identifying an issue to remediating it.

Threat Intelligence Platform

We use a threat intelligence platform to continuously monitor more than 200 intelligence data feeds—with new data pouring in constantly. The platform is our central hub for intelligence information.

Single Source of Truth

All the data that comes into the platform is scored according to relevance and accuracy, then merged with other commercial threat intelligence information from government and other sources.

Endpoint Protection

Information from the platform is distributed to next-generation firewalls, anti-malware, anti-spam, and endpoint detection and response solutions to provide protection.

Focused Security

Automated monitoring means our analysts can focus on high-level threats and proactive threat hunting—rather than manually investigating every alert. The context-rich data also helps us optimize workflows to mitigate risk.

RelativityOne Threat Intelligence Platform

Vulnerability Scanning

With help from a variety of tools, we continually scan our source code and enterprise assets to ensure vulnerabilities do not make it into our product. Whether an issue arises internally or externally, our goal is to identify and remediate it as quickly as possible.

Scanning Approaches

Corporate asset vulnerability scanning delivers deep insights into trends, common vulnerabilities, susceptible assets, and other data to give us a better picture of our infrastructure.

Trusted Partners

Microsoft Security Center ensures that we are up to date with all our software and Windows patching. We also scan our code libraries against third-party libraries to search for vulnerabilities identified by other companies.

Secure Coding

As part of our secure software development lifecycle, code for new features goes through a structured review process with Calder7. Learn more about cloud security in RelativityOne.

Code Analysis

We constantly test our code and run attack simulations to search for possible weaknesses. The deep insights we gain from these tests help reduce the time it takes to identify issues and stop potential attackers.

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