Threat Prevention

Relativity Trust is designed to stop attacks before they happen. Armed with the most advanced security technology, our in-house security team, Calder7, proactively investigates trends and events 24/7 to stay ahead of the adversaries.

Threat Intelligence

Calder7 analyzes billions of internal and external data points to gain insight into cyberattack trends and eliminate threats before they wreak havoc.

Advanced Technology

Using advanced threat intelligence solutions, our analysts gather, sort, and categorize activities by relevance and swiftly put proactive controls in place. We use a combination of AI, text analytics, sentiment analysis, and string-matching algorithms across multiple languages to contextualize data and find threats.

Strong Partnerships

We work with other tech platforms—such as Azure Security Center, Signal Sciences, and Recorded Future—to gain early intel into the spaces where threat actors communicate, plan, and execute cyber activities.

Dark Web Analysis

Cybercriminals don’t operate out in the open. To find them, we scour the dark web for suspicious behavior, examining Tor sites, hacker forums, paste sites, and anywhere else a hacker might lurk.

Internal Threat Analysis

Threats don’t only come from the outside in, so we keep a close profile on the behaviors and activities of our employees and contractors to protect against insider threats and ensure our intellectual property is always secure.

Everyday Hackers: Why Cybersecurity Isn’t Optional

Cybersecurity threats are everywhere. No matter who you are, sooner or later you could be targeted—even by the people you least suspect. With RelativityOne, you’ll never be an easy mark.

Hacker Cybersecurity Threat

A Whole Network of Defense

From analyzing malware and network traffic to educating and testing our internal teams, we’re constantly on the defense to keep your data safe.


Our digital forensics investigators use system and network monitoring utilities, disassemblers, and debugger tools to examine the innerworkings of malware and better understand how it affects the computer, attempts to communicate, and spreads. By digging into the malware’s functions and capabilities, we can get a thorough understanding of the risk—and the means to defend against it.

Network Scans

With a 360-degree view on network traffic and interactions, our analysts can find system vulnerabilities in real time and remediate before they’re exploited. We search for unusual data traffic from users and applications on our network, such as large or unexpected data movement and data downloads that are outside of normal parameters.

Secure Culture

From our hiring process to our continual training, we foster an atmosphere of security awareness. Everyone on our team is accountable for information security and ensuring policies are upheld—even after their departure. Learn more about our culture of security.

Vulnerability Assessments

Identifying weaknesses is crucial to building a strong security posture. That’s why we hire a third party to mimic the tactics of a hacker and regularly try to break into our networks and our physical office. The findings help us continually improve and increase the difficulty and cost for attackers trying to take advantage of our systems.

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