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Simply Powerful

Work smart and breathe easy. RelativityOne has the speed, scale, and automation you need for faster, easier results.

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Review sooner

Use built-in automation and prioritized queuing to get data ready for reviewers right away. RelativityOne does the heavy lifting for you.

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Move faster

Get through the most complex docs at an unprecedented pace: .16 second doc-to-doc navigation and .20 second jump-in speeds.

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Scale bigger

Enjoy the best experience every time – no matter the size or complexity of your matter. RelativityOne adjusts resources to meet your needs.

Life in the cloud gets better and better

Get constant performance improvements and optimizations without lifting a finger. That’s the magic of the cloud.
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faster list page
faster doc-to-doc navigation
faster search terms reports
faster complex search performance
more throughput on large productions, OCR, and indexing

Automated Workflows has saved
4,700+ hours and over 19,000 clicks
per customer in 2022.

Automate Routine Tasks

Simplify processes, reduce human error, and free up time for more impactful, strategic work. With RelativityOne, you can leave the repetitive, manual stuff to us.

Collection and Processing

Easily collect data from the most popular enterprise technologies. Every collection kicks off a processing job, so your data is ready for review right away.

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Put time back in your day with reliable, error-proof workflows. With fewer routine tasks, you’ll have more time for valuable, strategic activities.

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Get data and AI insights into your team’s hands faster than ever by automating your most common manual workflows.

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Cut your translation times from days to minutes. With Translate, you’ll see the translated documents in their native layout – with all the context clues intact.

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Automate complex image and native redactions over millions of pages with Redact – the industry’s most comprehensive redaction capabilities.

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Customize RelativityOne to match the needs of your organization – without compromising the experience of your users.

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Intuitively manage the back-end

Easily manage all your key administrative tasks – and let RelativityOne do the busy work for you. Setting your team up for success is simple.

Benefits for Administrators

  • Automate case setup and key tasks
  • Work end-to-end in one solution
  • Monitor login activity for greater security
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Effortlessly navigate through review

Make sense of your data right away with an intuitive UI, easy navigation, and all the powerful search and visualization capabilities you need.

Benefits for Reviewers

  • Fly through review with lightning-fast page loads
  • Find what you need with an intuitive UI and navigation
  • Work faster with powerful search and visualizations

Experience a simply powerful solution

See how RelativityOne can help your team simplify workflows, reduce errors, and do more with your time.

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Automation and AI in Action

Learn how to eliminate burdensome manual tasks, increase efficiency, and reprioritize your time to more strategic activities.

How Bird & Bird Provides More Value with RelativityOne

See how the firm uses time savings and performance gains to get better insights for their clients.

Aero UI

The user experience in RelativityOne is reflected in our intuitive UI. Watch to learn more about the philosophy behind the design.