What is Relativity AI Visionaries

Bold moves & early adopters: applying ai in new and meaningful ways

As data continues to grow exponentially, AI is poised to become the only way to take control of it all. And while many business leaders have only now begun to understand this, there are those who had the foresight and gumption to take the crucial first steps to adopt AI in their industries. These are our AI Visionaries.

Created by Relativity, AI Visionaries is an annual list of early adopters of AI, particularly in those areas where managing risk is a top priority and the approach to technology adoption has traditionally been more conservative.

AI Visionaries honors those who have explored, promoted, experimented with, or adopted the use of AI. Many of these AI Visionaries have firsthand experience in pioneering the use of AI in new and exciting applications, from automating data breach responses, to analyzing documents for high-stakes investigations and litigations, to incorporating AI to create more proactive privacy and compliance workflows.

We salute their efforts in blazing a trail and sharing their vision with us.