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Getting Creative with e-Discovery

JC Steinbrunner

What if there were another way?

This is a question Relativians ask themselves all the time. Whether you work here in engineering, finance, training, support, or marketing, we are restless about what we do. And relentless. Over the course of my time at Relativity, I’ve witnessed the pursuit of “another way” lead to leaps of innovation in the product, to the recruiting of awesome new colleagues, to a Mariachi band at Relativity Fest. (¡Hola, Javier!)

On the brand team we ask this question daily. Maybe several times a day. e-Discovery isn’t just a technically and intellectually challenging discipline; it’s also darn hard for a bunch of artists to design and write about. What if, by experimenting with other ways to talk about our work—which, in the end, is talking about your work—we can get our community even more excited about what we’re doing with Relativity? Could we inspire you?

What We’ve Learned About Your Work

As my colleague Ann Marie Lane covered in a recent blog post, we have debuted new tools that get at the motivations and behaviors of actors in your case—not just their artifacts. Why is that important? You’ve told us! Understanding the pain points of our users is part of our DNA. We believe listening is at the core of healthy dialogue.

So what are those pain points? Unstructured data sources are proliferating. It’s harder and harder to piece together who’s involved, how they communicate, and whom they are communicating with. How can you understand the whys—not just the whats—of your case?

Our founder, Andrew Sieja, first explored these concepts in the keynote for Relativity Fest 2018. As I watched him and our UX strategist “Demo Dan” Miller talk through the promise of the entity object, communication analysis, and short message review on stage, I found myself wondering if there was another way.

Another way to tell the story, sure. But also another way to challenge myself and my talented team. Another way to depict, simply and powerfully, how the world is changing … and how Relativity is keeping pace. Another way to get you excited about your work. All fired up from the keynote, I riffed on an idea with one of my art directors. Spitballing led to workshopping led to scripting led to storyboarding led to animating and music composition and a whole bunch of things.

Led to the video below.


What We’ve Learned About Our Work

We learned a lot about producing an animated short. But I hope you don’t see any of that. I hope what comes across is a simple promise: At Relativity we are writing the future of discovery technology as we constantly look for another way to make your work easier, simpler, more effective. And we’re doing that with a joy and élan that comes with loving what we do—and what you do.

The document paradigm has shifted to people. That’s good. Helping people through technology is what Relativity has always been about. I hope this video makes good on our promise.

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JC Steinbrunner is the senior director of brand at Relativity and the executive producer of On the Merits, a docuseries that explores how the Relativity community uses technology to find truths in data that promote just outcomes in important current events.