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How RelativityOne is Leveraging AI to Streamline e-Discovery Translation

Mindy Deneault

While there are currently more than 7,000 languages spoken across the globe, 88 percent of the world’s population speaks 200 of them as their native tongues. And with the rise of virtual and digital business practices, companies are no longer bound by geographic borders when it comes to their customer base or workforce—making it likely your next internal investigation will require the use of an e-discovery translation solution.

Think about this common scenario: a company based in Switzerland has offices throughout Europe, manufacturing partners across Asia, and remote employees in the United States. If an internal investigation takes place and emails and chat records between employees, vendors, and/or customers are collected for review, you could be looking at hundreds or even thousands of documents encompassing close to a dozen different languages!

Traditional e-Discovery Translation Options

In this situation, legal teams and HR departments can traditionally go one of two ways.

Option #1: you send your documents to a third-party translation service. While this is the more conventional approach, it can add weeks to your timeline and become very costly as you typically pay per word and per language. This also isn’t an efficient course of action for a first-pass review, when you’re still trying to determine if a document is potentially relevant or not.

Or there’s Option #2: you use a simple language translation API. Although this is more cost-effective, it opens you up to potential security risks and data privacy breaches if you opt to use external ports. Furthermore, these APIs often have limited language capabilities and can only support the translation of a few languages at a time—which would not be a viable solution for the organization in our scenario above.

So how do you get to the crux of your data in an efficient way? That’s where Translate in RelativityOne comes in.

Streamline Your Review with Translate in RelativityOne

Translate in RelativityOne utilizes Microsoft’s enterprise translation API to bring you a robust e-discovery translation solution right there in the platform you’re already using.

With RelativityOne, that Swiss company’s internal investigations team can gather all of that disparate data into their review workspace. The software can identify more than 100 languages present in the documents automatically and, if desired, the team can use Translate to instead see them in their business language.

The results are high-quality, AI-powered translations (which can be performed in big batches, or just one document at a time, based on reviewers’ needs) that never leave the security of RelativityOne and take only minutes to complete. With this tool in hand, that internal investigation—and many other matters—can move more smoothly, without having to pause or slow down to accommodate translations.

Immediate benefits of Translate in RelativityOne over traditional translation workflows include:

  • Translate native documents directly in RelativityOne. Translate large batches at once or single documents on the fly into more than 100 languages and 12,000 language combinations right in your RelativityOne workspace, without having to manually identify the original language.
  • Retain the original layout of the document. Unlike other solutions, the translated documents are shown in their native formats, so you don’t lose the important context that comes from seeing a document in its original layout.
  • Maximize efficiency and reduce cost. With lightning-fast translation embedded in RelativityOne, the time it takes to translate documents can be reduced from days to minutes.
  • Decrease risk. Avoid sending documents out for translation via external ports. Translate is backed by Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure, ensuring your data is protected by multi-layered security protocols.

e-Discovery Translation That Leverages the Power of AI

When time is of the essence, you can get to the meat of your documents faster with Translate in RelativityOne. Leveraging the power of AI, that Swiss team can quickly and securely translate documents and begin reviewing in their business language—without ever leaving the platform. That makes it a lot easier to find the conversations that could become the smoking gun of their investigation.

With Translate, you can eliminate costly and time-consuming third-party tools and services, which keeps your review budget and timeline in check. And since everything takes place within your workspace, you can add document translation to your automatic workflows, all while keeping your data securely within the confines of RelativityOne.  

Want to learn more about e-discovery translation? Take a look at our Beginner’s Guide to Service Options in e-Discovery Translation or contact us to get started with Translate. 

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Mindy Deneault is a member of the product marketing team at Relativity.

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