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Introducing Relativity Learning: Stepping Up Your Learning Game

Michael Francis

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest," attributed to Benjamin Franklin, is a statement that still holds true more than 200 years later.

At Relativity, we’ve built a culture of continuous learning—because in a field that changes as frequently and consistently as e-discovery, there’s simply no other way to keep up. And as our software evolves along with the industry, we want to make sure our user community has opportunities to get hands-on and familiarize themselves with what’s new abound.

With this in mind, we’re excited to announce Relativity Learning: our latest learning investment, which is designed to enable you to find, view, and track your educational journey with RelativityOne in a single, centralized location.

Relativity Learning personalizes your learning journey and saves time by taking the guesswork out of remembering what you've already completed, where you left off, and what's coming up next. Studies consistently show that employees desire more and better training opportunities; our hope is that Relativity Learning helps make it easier for you to pursue those opportunities and keep track of your progress.

Relativity Learning is available to all current customers right now, with no cost to enroll in the platform. Plus, we’re kicking things off with a contest: the first 15 users to complete 10 courses within a 30-day period will receive a prize!

Keep reading for all the details.

How to Get Started

The first step in your new learning journey is getting signed up. Just log in to the Relativity Community site and select the Learning tab. It’s that easy, and you don’t even have to create a separate account.

The short demo below will show you where to find it. You can also explore our Relativity Learning FAQ (log into the Community site to view the FAQ) to learn more.

After logging in, you’ll find that there is something for everyone! Just getting started with Relativity? Check out our e-Discovery basics content. Need to learn more about a specific use case or workflow, like review or production? Check out the Get Going with Relativity section.

Please note that RCE credit content and Relativity Certification content hasn’t made it to Relativity Learning just yet (we’ll let you know when it does). Check back often as we continuously add new learning material to the library.

Fall in Love with Learning

Personalizing content begins with finding the content you need. After checking out the Relativity Learning landing page, use the All Courses link to filter by EDRM stage, role, and skill level.

Next, find a learning path to achieve higher levels of performance and knowledge. Learning paths combine multiple courses to guide you through a more robust learning experience, with specific objectives and goals in mind.

The value of personalized learning can’t be emphasized enough. Training for training’s sake is not beneficial and quickly leads to learning fatigue. Instead, devote some time to thinking about your learning objectives for the next month, quarter, and year. You should have some goals based on what you need to be competitive within your industry, but also for what interests you on a personal level for individual growth.

If you are a people leader, also consider the needs of your team when developing learning objectives. Check out this LinkedIn Pulse article and compare your current state of corporate learning with how Relativity Learning might benefit you and your team.

Getting back to learning paths: not only can you explore pre-built paths, but after evaluating your individual goals, you may also consider creating your own path. Individual courses are very useful for just-in-time training (for example, you need help with search term reports and take a course in Relativity Learning to help you out, just-in-time). Learning paths, on the other hand, contribute to your long-term learning growth and your quarterly or yearly learning objectives.

No matter how you choose to structure your learning journey, dive in today to participate in our launch contest! Beginning January 16, 2024, the first 15 people who complete 10 courses within a 30-day period will earn a prize from us. All you have to do to participate is create your Relativity Learning account and start exploring the content library. Read all the contest details here.

Keep Up with the Times

AI isn’t the future; AI is already here. You can dive in with courses we’ve made available on products like Relativity aiR for Review—part of our new generative AI product suite.

Additionally, look for future advancements like LinkedIn certificate integrations. Or how about integrating Relativity Learning content into your team’s learning management system of record? (Contact if you’d like to learn more about this opportunity!) Our commitment to learning has just begun and we are excited to enable your learning journey in new ways moving forward.

Get in Touch

We want to hear from you. Relativity Learning is an investment we’ve earmarked for you, and we hope you feel free to tell us what you think—and what you want to see added to the library. Use the Feedback link in Relativity Learning and let us know what you’d love to learn next!

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Michael Francis is a member of the learning and engagement team at Relativity; he is a proponent for lifelong learning and specializes in developing e-learning and training experiences.

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