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RelativityOne Redact, Major Growth for RelativityOne, and More Legalweek(year) News

Chris Brown

By now, it probably surprises no one that we are not gathering in New York City for this year’s Legalweek conference.

At the same time, the e-discovery world is abuzz with news and engagement this week anyway—in spite of the distributed nature of 2021’s Legalweek(year) celebration. And that’s the magic of this community.

For our part, Relativity has some exciting updates to contribute to the conversation—including the addition of RelativityOne Redact. Here’s a quick look at the news.

Delivering Best-in-Class Tech with RelativityOne

We’re thrilled to announce that RelativityOne users will soon find Milyli’s world-class redaction solution, Blackout, embedded into the Aero UI as RelativityOne Redact. This tightly integrated solution offering automated image and native redactions will become a standard feature in RelativityOne in March 2021, at no added cost. Milyli will continue to evolve and support Blackout for Relativity Server customers as a separate application.

We know there is more need than ever to accurately apply the redactions that protect personally identifiable information (PII) during e-discovery, investigations, and data request processes—ensuring adherence to evolving privacy regulations for organizations around the globe. Making this a standard capability available via RelativityOne Redact will empower users to feel confident in their ability to execute on this responsibility.

Additionally, as you may have heard, we recently acquired VerQu—a data management software company with solutions that help organizations migrate and capture communication data. The result of this partnership will be an up-leveled experience collecting, analyzing, monitoring, reviewing, and producing all types of unstructured data in Relativity. e-Discovery and surveillance teams in RelativityOne will soon be able to treat collaboration data like cohesive conversations in the platform, directly access data archives, and more—all more seamlessly and securely than ever.

A Rising Tide of Demand for SaaS e-Discovery

These investments in the RelativityOne experience couldn’t come at a more important time. In the wake of the pandemic, there is little doubt that the cloud is the most viable way to not just survive in business today, but thrive.

Gartner predicts we will continue to see a post-pandemic surge in cloud spending through 2024. They’ve also noted that “70 percent of organizations using cloud services plan to increase their cloud spending in the wake of the disruption caused by COVID-19.” After enduring the tumult of last year, the idea of embarking on a business transformation to embrace the efficiency of the cloud feels more attainable to many organizations.

We’ve seen these trends reflected in the growth of our RelativityOne community. And we’ve also heard—from both new customers, and those who have chosen to migrate from Server—that the introduction of a pay-as-you-go pricing option and our new Aero UI made SaaS adoption a no-brainer.

Customers are now accessing the platform from nine different geographies around the globe, including those at 159 Am Law 200 firms. Last year, we more than doubled the number of customers licensing RelativityOne—and many more use the platform via our exceptional network of RelativityOne certified partners. This expansion also includes the launch of RelativityOne in Germany and Switzerland, and our RelativityOne Government offering in the United States, which has achieved FedRAMP Authorization to Operate (ATO) status.

All told, it was an important year for RelativityOne—and the e-discovery community truly doubled down on what it means to adapt to unprecedented challenges. That growth has helped us fine-tune our strategy for 2021 and identify the focus areas that will help us better support new and existing users.

While demand from new customers continues to rise for RelativityOne, demand for Relativity Server has dropped from representing 100 percent of our sales to new customers four years ago, to less than 3 percent of sales to new customers today. As a result of this sea change, we plan to stop selling Relativity Server to new customers in 2021, aside from geographies and use cases where the cloud is not an option. While we’ll no longer offer Relativity Server to new customers, we will continue to fully support the success of existing Relativity Server customers and invest in the product—including with our upcoming release on March 24, and going forward. We are excited to continue investing in three core areas for Server: stability; simplified maintenance and updates; and feature enhancements that will continue to amplify the platform. This includes bringing Aero UI to Server, coming in our 2022 annual release.

Product Focus Areas for 2021

In 2021 and beyond, it will be easier than ever to get more done in RelativityOne—with fewer interruptions and a lot more speed. Our teams are focused on continuing to innovate in four key areas for our customers:

  • Secure and extensible cloud platform: We’re making further investments into the RelativityOne Security Center and the ease of conducting multifactor authentication, as well as expanding availability of RelativityOne to four additional geographies (Ireland, Singapore, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates), exciting improvements to platform extensibility, speed of innovation, and more.

  • Simply powerful user experience: Our team is expanding upon the innovations of Aero by prescribing and simplifying workflows, making it easy to migrate workspaces from Server to RelativityOne, improving search and investigative capabilities, and—as mentioned above—providing Relativity Redact as part of our standard offering.

  • Advanced AI for e-discovery and compliance monitoring: We are determined to make it easier to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to every matter through the automation of structured and conceptual analytics within case setup, powerful new capabilities around sentiment analysis and entity extraction, improvements to recall and precision score visibility, and enabling teams to reuse AI models to reduce review times and improve speed outcomes.

  • Strongest end-to-end, integrated product suite: This year, we’ll offer expanded integrations for RelativityOne Collect to the most common cloud communication platforms like Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more, while also making it easier to remotely collect from hard drives via our integration with X1. Processing users will benefit from powerful culling capabilities pre-publish, while enhancements to short message slicing will make it simple to review and produce the conversation threads that matter most.

Stay tuned into The Relativity Blog for updates on these enhancements and more, and visit the Relativity Community site to hop into conversations with industry peers and our team.

Connect with Us at Legalweek(year)

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Chris Brown is the chief product officer at Relativity. He leads our product and user experience teams and is responsible for the development of Relativity’s product vision, strategy, and product roadmap in collaboration with engineering.