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Reliving the Relativity Fest London 2019 Keynote

Sam Bock

Relativity Fest London wrapped up last week, and it was one of our favorite years yet. More than 600 members of the legal field joined us for the event, sharing e-disclosure know-how, learning about the current data security and compliance landscapes, seeing the latest and greatest updates to the platform, discussing their success with RelativityOne, and more.

We can’t say enough about the Relativity community in and around the UK. With their help, Relativity Fest London has become a truly massive event with impactful takeaways not just for attendees, but for our team as well.

For those who weren’t able to join us last week—or would simply like a refresher on some of what they heard—we’d like to share some clips of the keynote that kicked off Relativity Fest London 2019. Check out a few of our favorite portions of the content below.

Part 1 - Opening Remarks and State of the Union

Andrew Sieja, our founder and CEO, begins with his opening remarks. He's joined by Steve Couling, Relativity's managing director and VP of sales for EMEA, to provide an overview of the platform's latest successes and the company's latest news.

Part 2 - Doubling Down on the User Experience

Chief Product Officer Chris Brown discusses the Relativity roadmap. He focuses on international-friendly updates to the platform as well as our focus on user experience and why it matters to the Relativity community at large.

Part 3 - e-Discovery: It's the People, Not the Documents

Finally, members of the Relativity team talk through how the platform is shifting the e-discovery paradigm from documents to people. Customers and developer partners also take the stage to share their innovative success stories from the field.

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Sam Bock is a member of the marketing team at Relativity, and serves as editor of The Relativity Blog.