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Haikus for the e-Discovery Artist

Sam Bock

e-Discovery can be a tricky business, and it sometimes feels like there’s no end to the curveballs and roadblocks thrown your way by big data and baffling new file types. Like many areas of the legal profession, burnout is a real risk for the hard-working professionals in this field.

That’s why, at Relativity, we’re firm believers in having a little fun now and then.

In the interest of putting some humor in your day, our team recently came up with a slew of e-discovery haikus to give voice to your frustrations—and highlight your options for smoother projects.

Give them a read below, and then use #eDiscoveryHaikus on Twitter or LinkedIn to tell us your favorites and share your own creations.

Nik Balepur, solutions architect, on the versatility of the cloud:


R1: the Swiss army knife

A protean tool

Danny Frank, Relativity solutions team lead, on the woes of the dreaded data dump:

Like a summer storm,

the deluge of documents

from a data dump.

Jeff Gilles, solutions architect, on the impact of information governance:

Mind what you retain.

Archive? Liability!

IG will save you.

Jeff with a cautionary tale:

Black box or white box

Mind your redactions, or else

Lit support nightmares

Jeff on project setup:

Question marks rampant

What's the matter with my text?

Unicode's off. Crud.

Constantine Pappas, senior manager in Relativity solutions, on the tricky part of processing:

Processing is fun

It's the errors that plague me

Papers in the wind

Constantine on the golden ticket of email threading:

Inclusive non-spare,

I've searched for you everywhere,

You're all that I need.

Stan Pierson, senior Relativity solutions specialist, on the value of conceptual analytics:

When I discover

Highly relevant clusters

My review time goes way down

Brendan Ryan, senior manager of partner enablement, on the importance of not going it alone:


Can be hard. Get a partner.

The "e" means expert.

Aileen Tien, Relativity solutions team lead, on every lit support guru’s biggest pain:

Friday productions

Canceled plans and vacations

TIFFs and natives, please

Megan Twibell, solutions specialist, on good QC protocols:


Don’t forget to conflict check


Megan with some thoughts on the current pop culture parlance around e-discovery:

Metadata, huh?

e-Discovery? What's that?

Thanks Russian emails.

Have a poem of your own to add? Use #eDiscoveryHaikus on Twitter or LinkedIn to share it with the community.

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Sam Bock is a member of the marketing team at Relativity, and serves as editor of The Relativity Blog.