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Relativity 8.2 Updates: Processing

Rene Laurens

Welcome to Relativity 8.2. Our newest release includes a lot of new features that extend the platform and help you tackle tough workflow challenges. Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight these features right here on the blog. Check back often to learn more about what’s new in Relativity 8.2.

Improvements to Relativity Processing in 8.2 make it even easier to process data from the web. In addition, we’ve introduced the Relativity Processing Console to give you access to the full power of the Relativity Processing engine.

Ability to process multiple custodians in a single job.
Processing now allows you to manage multiple custodians and data sources through a single processing set, making it more efficient and easier for you to manage processing jobs. You can also use inventory to filter data from multiple custodians at once prior to fully processing.

Introduction of processing profiles and more intuitive settings.
You now have the ability to create and save different processing profiles to support unique workflows and case scenarios, better aligning Processing with other Relativity Applications.  Additionally, a more intuitive user interface offers settings grouped by purpose, along with more robust contextual help.

More flexibility via the Processing console.
The Processing console is a desktop client that provides advanced processing users with more options and control over processing jobs. The console gives you control over individual worker servers, helping to prioritize jobs within a queue to maximize productivity. In addition, it allows you to filter data sets, image files, and QC results, obtain fielded access to all extracted metadata fields for each file, and create custom load files.

In Relativity 8.2, Processing makes it easy for you to manage your processing jobs with the right level of granularity—making your speed to review faster and helping you get what you need out of your data. 

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about maximizing your workflows in Processing.

Rene Laurens is a member of the Relativity solutions group, assisting case teams with processing, searching, and analytics workflows. He has more than eight years of litigation support experience, specializing in e-discovery, databases, and project management.

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