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Vote for the Relativity Apps in the Running for the 2022 Innovation Awards

Michael Obregon

Well, after a couple of crazy years (are we done with the crazy years yet?) Relativity Fest is finally back in person for 2022. What better way to celebrate being back together with this amazing community than by getting together for the Relativity Innovation Awards?

In case you missed it, the awards have gotten a few updates for this year. Check out the details here, but overall: not only are we broadening the criteria for some of our individual categories, but we’ve incorporated some new ones as well—and the technology awards will look a bit different, too.

Community has always been essential on the tech side of the awards. Without the community element, we wouldn’t have seen the fruits of some amazing partnerships over the years. Take Adrian Agius and Tony Chan, for example. They teamed together to build the award-winning HyperView in 2021. Or David Hasman and Juan Ramirez, who have come together, more than once, to build cutting-edge applications like Bricker & Eckler’s Petition Analyzer or Unitad’s Zeteo.

Year after year, it’s apparent that so many of the best applications on our list were inspired by collaboration and team effort—not just between colleagues, but between customers and service providers as well. On that note, Juan recently told me: “We are very fortunate to have very smart clients who come to us with huge ideas to solve their business needs. We’re experts in building applications, but our clients are the real innovators.”

Adrian added: “Community is a core tenant of the Relativity ecosystem. For me personally, the Relativity community has acted as the catalyst for the transformation of ideas into fully fledged solutions.”

Voting is now closed, but join us at Relativity Fest on October 27 to watch the Innovation Awards ceremony and find out who will win each category. In the meantime, let’s get you caught up on this year’s submissions.

Technology Submissions to the 2022 Relativity Innovation Awards

This year there is certainly no shortage of inspiring applications.

Law firms continue to evolve how they work with RelativityOne. Troutman Pepper and Kilpatrick Townsend continue to showcase their expertise when it comes to solving challenges in unique ways. Meanwhile, first time submitter Tory’s is seeing the benefits of creating their own applications as a way to differentiate their services.

Not to be outdone, service providers are also bringing the heat! Returning champ Lineal Services is using AI to classify images. BDO, FTI, and DiscoveryMaster are giving us better insights into our data and Cimplifi adds to their suite of products by bringing automation to archive workflows so users can spend more time focusing on what matters.

Read on to learn more about all of this year’s submissions and don’t forget to vote for your favorites by September 23. We’ll see you at Relativity Fest to celebrate the winners!

Service Provider Submissions

Acorn Legal Solutions – eDiscovery BackOffice Mass Export Natives allows users to export native files for produced documents through a mass action.

BDO – Athenagy provides the world’s first patent pending business intelligence dashboards that showcases data inside both Relativity and Microsoft.

Cimplifi – CI Zip allows users to extract and archive workspaces from the front end of RelativityOne, bypassing manual extraction efforts.

Deloitte – Automated Redaction with PII Analyzer facilitates the task of identifying PII by using named-entity recognition (NER) to find and redact PII.

Deloitte – Automated Review Portfolios utilizes a workflow that notifies teams documents are ready for review. Users receive an email containing review instructions and a URL of the documents.

FTI – Insights Generator streams insights from data residing in Relativity, providing stakeholders a holistic view of all matters to enhance the visibility of review milestones and optimize resources and costs.

HaystackID – nSight Search provides more dynamic results for users running search terms by identifying the number of times a search string appears in each document.

ING – RAS (Relativity Automation Solution) is comprised of numerous PowerShell scripts and SQL jobs that monitor, repair, report, and process automation tasks in Relativity.

Law In Order – SmartDeDuper improves review efficiency by identifying duplicate documents not removed during processing due to files coming from multiple platforms, or where MD5 is generated differently.

Lineal Services – Lineal Amplify and Lineal Images allows a user to initiate processes (such as index builds or processing) and tracks all inputs and outputs of those processes. It images and auto-classifies different image types (people, handwriting, et cetera).

PLUSnxt – Project Tracker eliminates email traffic by allowing clients and PMs to submit projects and requests via a custom page in a workspace.

DiscoveryMaster, LLC – DiscoveryMaster provides one dashboard for automated project metrics and QC stats from every workspace you have access to, no matter where the data is hosted.

Ricoh Canada - Unitization via Markups utilizes the document markup feature in the viewer to identify which pages of a larger document should be unitized into new documents.

Sky Discovery – Sky Review Reporting allows users to upload any Excel file with Relativity searches noted in each cell. It then automatically runs the searches and updates each cell with the number of documents returned by the search, then emails the completed report to the user.

vdiscovery – VECA standardizes short message data across all collections. It allows users to filter and cull messages to identify the most relevant information and converts all messages to RSMF.

Enterprise Submissions

Foley & Lardner – Foley Pro-Active 1.0 monitors workspaces. If there’s no activity for a specified number of days, an email is sent to internal users that provides a link where they vote to keep the database active or send it to cold storage.

Kilpatrick Townsend – LitSmart Daily Reporter simplifies the reviewer batch check-in and reporting process. Reviewers check in batches through a custom page and a report outlining all batches is automatically compiled and emailed nightly. It also includes a link to any hot/exemplar documents in the batches.

Herbert Smith Freehills – HSF Intereact enables a user to pick a matching identifier (Document ID, MD5, et cetera) and instantly reports on any coding discrepancies. Discrepancies are picked up within workspaces within minutes.

Torys LLP – Imaster identifies the file path for master and deduplicated documents, allowing teams to easily locate excluded documents.

Troutman Pepper eMerge – eMerge Xtractor leverages machine learning to extract specific text from documents and saves the text to fields within Relativity, where the information can then be filtered, sorted, and analyzed. 

Sidley Austin – Relativity User Access Management was developed to automate security around users in Relativity. An attorney in each case acts as a gatekeeper to approve or reject user additions, mitigating social engineering risk. Actions are then automated without any manual steps from Relativity admins.

Relativity Fest 2022

Michael Obregon is a senior pre-sales engineer at Relativity.