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What a Simply Powerful UI Means for Law Firms

Andie Linker

Editor’s Note: In May, we hosted focused webinars for each of our customer segments to provide a tailored preview of the new Aero UI and how it can better support their work. For those who missed these sessions, we’re recapping them here on the blog. Scroll to the end to click through to an on-demand recording of the law firm webinar.

Law firms using RelativityOne need an e-discovery solution that is powerful enough to handle matters of any shape and size, but simple enough that any of their diverse team members—from seasoned litigation support pros, to partners needing to dig into case strategy—can feel confident using the platform to get to the root of their matters. Put succinctly, our law firm customers need an e-discovery solution that is simply powerful. That’s exactly what we’re delivering with Aero UI.

Aero is Relativity’s brand-new user interface, set to launch late this summer. We’re delivering a fresh platform with lightspeed performance, intuitive workflows, and a next-generation UI. All of this will culminate into a more seamless, efficient e-discovery process for your firm.

We are building Aero with every user type in mind, but there are a few key features law firm teams will find especially helpful in their efforts to organize data, discover the truth, and act on it—faster than ever. Let’s take a look.

What Law Firms Need, Straight From the Source

Our law firm customers have not been shy when it comes to feedback over the years, and for that, we’re extremely grateful. Without your input, we could not have narrowed in on the improvements we know will transform your everyday work in RelativityOne.

One thing we hear over and over is that attorneys want to take advantage of the tool more. Lawyers need a solution that is intuitive, so they can jump into Relativity as needed and get to the meat of their cases quicker. They don’t need all the back-end functionality available to them—they just want to see critical data right away. Easy-to-use search functionality is an important way to get there.

We’ve also heard that your e-discovery solution must allow you to work efficiently at lightning-fast speeds, in workspaces of any size. In the law firm world, new cases can crop up unexpectedly—and small matters can turn to large ones overnight. You need a solution that can scale alongside your unpredictable case load.

Finally, we know teams like yours often feel bogged down by day-to-day administrative tasks like setting up workspaces and managing infrastructure. Your teams are e-discovery experts and want to serve as innovative consultants alongside case teams—not tech support. The software you’re using needs to be easy to manage, so you can focus on the value-add activities that will help your firm stay competitive.

How Aero Delivers

Aero UI is a collection of five big updates we’re making throughout RelativityOne. Each of these five changes will have a big impact for law firm users—and help deliver on the requests we’ve heard time and again.

Modern Look and Feel

Thoughtful iconography and design will help you know where you need to go and exactly how to get there. With this intuitive aesthetic, your team can ramp up cases quickly and ensure that any user working on the case, from the Relativity novice to the Relativity Master, can feel confident.

Next Generation Viewer

Our new, completely rearchitected viewer makes reviewing and acting on documents easier and faster than ever. We’ve reduced doc-to-doc navigation speeds in the viewer to the sub-second. As you fly through document review, you’ll be able to get more done on a matter more quickly, allowing you to deliver better results to your clients. You’ll also spend less time fielding technical questions from your users, allowing you to focus on solving big-picture challenges for your cases and your firm at large.

Workflow-Based Navigation

We’ve retooled our navigation system, providing more intuitive organization of the tasks you need to accomplish and the tabs that will get you there. We’ve also categorized actions and workflows together, so your movement through RelativityOne is more logical. You can also program navigation to whatever your case team needs for their individual matters, allowing any user to find what they need effortlessly—and save you time setting up cases.

Lightning-Fast Page Loads

A huge element of a simply powerful platform is performance. We’ve modernized the architecture of RelativityOne so that, when you’re jumping from page to page, you can fly through the software. This, too, makes review quicker than ever before, so your team can get to the critical substance of their cases in the blink of an eye—delivering results to clients at a record pace. A few seconds saved here and there add up tremendously; with that free time, you can focus on the strategic priorities that will help you bring more business into your firm.

Automated Workflows

With Aero, we’ve automated a lot of the manual work involved in getting data into RelativityOne. This transformation cuts 71 clicks out of the case setup process alone. Case teams can get started with review sooner, and rest assured that error-prone processes in setting up cases are streamlined and risk-reduced. Using dozens of triggers and actions in Aero, you can even create your own automated workflows based on what your teams do every day—empowering your team to increase efficiency where you need it most.

What’s Next?

We’ve already gotten a ton of feedback from law firms participating in our Aero Advance Access Program. Matthew Nelson, director of litigation support at Littler Mendelson, said: “As an administrator, I spend a large portion of my day moving between different admin and workspace tabs in Relativity, and having each page load quicker has made a noticeable difference in my efficiency. The Aero team really has done a great job in design and responding to user feedback and suggestions."

After showing Aero to a group of law firms, 84 percent of respondents rated Aero a 4 or above out of 5 on user experience. Sixty-seven percent of those folks also said that the people they were most excited to show it to were their firm’s attorneys.

We’re really excited to deliver these changes to you in a few short months. For now, take some time to learn more about Aero and get a sneak peek in this video. You can also reach out to us with any questions you have, or to request a demo.

Get a Sneak Peek at How Aero Supports Law Firm Teams

Andie Linker is a member of the product marketing team at Relativity.

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