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What's New in Fact Manager?

Rene Laurens

This past March, we released a new version of Relativity Fact Manager— a free and fully integrated application that enables case teams to assemble their case strategy from start to finish. The new version included a ton of enhancements to make it easier than ever to organize case-related data, such as people, facts, issues, documents, and organizations.

Over the past several months, our team has continued to build upon and improve the application, focusing specifically on making data entry easier and providing more flexible exporting options so that case information can be taken on the go and shared. We’ve released these updates in our monthly patch releases, and we included a new batch of enhancements with Relativity 9.

In case you haven’t checked out Fact Manager in a while, we thought we’d share some of the new things you can do.

Fact Mass Print. In Relativity 9, we added a new functionality that lets you select individual facts and print the fact information along with associated documents. The print function can be accessed through a new mass action and is controlled by a fact printing profile that provides customized print settings. For example, you can choose to include preferred fact fields on the fact print out, select which version of a document to print, and determine if slip-sheets should be provided, and if you should print the control number on non-bates numbered documents.

Take Advantage of Inline Coding. We made data entry easier with the use of inline coding, which allows you to enter information inside views and do it faster with keyboard shortcuts.

Build Customized Coding Layouts. You can now build one layout with review coding, new fact information, and existing fact information, therefore removing the need to switch between three layouts during review.

Set Document Precedence in Offline Report. The Offline Report lets you export Fact and Issue information with the associated documents into a zip file that can be saved to the local desktop. In the newest release, we’ve added more document options to make it easier to pull the most relevant version of your documents—Produced, Imaged, or Native. With the new options, you can easily set priority and avoid producing the same documents multiple times or including the other side’s production.

Improve Your Timeline. The Timeline Builder is a quick and easy way to build out a timeline of your facts. In Fact Manager’s recent versions, you can add facts on the fly or link existing facts depending on the timeline you’d like to build. You can do this with only a few key facts related to a specific person or with all the facts in your case. Once facts are added, a user can explore the details of individual facts and edit as necessary.

You can download Fact Manager from your Relativity Applications Library or on the Community site. As always, feel free to contact if you have any questions.

Rene Laurens is a member of the Relativity solutions group, assisting case teams with processing, searching, and analytics workflows. He has more than eight years of litigation support experience, specializing in e-discovery, databases, and project management.

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