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How to Apply Automation and AI in RelativityOne Throughout Your Matter

Andie Linker

e-Discovery and investigations require your teams to discover the truth efficiently and quickly—and getting to the bottom of each story requires agility and strategic thinking. But before you can dive into that bespoke work, case setup comes with an evergreen playbook. These tasks can be tedious and take away the time you need to be spending as a strategic consultant to your team.

Fortunately, though, as data volumes have grown, the legal AI software you need to tackle it has also evolved with efficiency in mind. In RelativityOne, we’ve doubled down on leveraging e-discovery AI and automation to reduce the manual steps required to complete initial analysis and repeatable tasks so teams can spend more of their time on the truly substantive work.

To illustrate how RelativityOne can help transform your next case and your business, we thought we'd take you through five key capabilities that enable teams to dig into their data and uncover the facts of each matter. Join me in taking a spin through the cloud to stop the nefarious Mr. Otto Mation from taking over the world.

Streamlining Case Setup: Automated Workflows

Recently, the in-house e-discovery team at Stark Industries got an anonymous tip that a certain Mr. Otto Mation was colluding with his colleagues to take over the world. We don’t know his motive or plan, but we know we have to stop him before things get out of hand—using e-discovery AI and automation to minimize burdensome, manual tasks and streamline our investigation.

We begin by gathering all the evidence we can from the relevant data stores. Then, we’ll explore it all with RelativityOne and begin putting the pieces together to conduct an AI-powered legal document review with our team. Before we can load our evidence into RelativityOne, we need to make sure the workspace is optimized with all the settings our team needs to make this investigation a success. In this case, we need search indexes built, a variety of structured and conceptual analytics, and language identification on all our documents.

With Automated Workflows, I don’t have to complete a single one of those tasks as the administrator—RelativityOne does it for me. What was once done in multiple manual steps during the initial setup of a project is now reduced to just a few clicks. Plus, as the case evolves and new data enters the scope, Automated Workflows automatically updates indexes so that our team can continue their work seamlessly.

We can also leverage the ability to copy workflows from one workspace to another (a new improvement to RelativityOne). Knowing we once conducted a similar investigation in the past, we can simply copy over everything we needed from that one into this workspace.

Easily Ingesting Data: Collect

Once our workspace is set up, it’s time to start loading data. We learned from the anonymous tip that it appeared Mr. Otto Mation put most of his plans in a Microsoft OneDrive folder called “Plans to Take Over the World,” so we knew exactly where to start (a rare treat indeed for any investigations team!).

With Collect, we could quickly and easily pull data from a variety of cloud sources directly into RelativityOne. We select OneDrive as our source, Mr. Otto Mation as our custodian, and filter it down to just his suspicious folder.

Once the data is finished importing, RelativityOne automatically kicks off a processing job—further automating the entire workflow and reducing the number of steps we need to take to ensure our data is ready for review.

Review Data in Over 100 Languages: Translate

Our anonymous tip let us know that Mr. Otto Mation was clever, doing most of his writing in a variety of foreign languages to conceal his work. So, while our data is ingesting, we decided to run language identification on the document set—and found over 30 languages in use.

Luckily, Translate can seamlessly and quickly translate these documents without ever leaving RelativityOne. Relativity has leveraged Microsoft's Document Translation API to allow for mass translation and single document translation of documents in over 100 languages.

So, in just a few clicks, we are able to get all the documents back into English in their original formatting. And just like that, we’re ready to review!

Understand the Nuances in Your Data: Sentiment Analysis

The folder Mr. Otto Mation put together had over 10,000 documents, and not all of them are relevant to our investigation. We need to find the good stuff fast, which means narrowing it down to the documents that include his plans to take over the world.

To accelerate this search, we can use sentiment analysis* to detect human emotion using complex e-discovery AI algorithms with the click of a button.

The result is a list page that gives us an overview of which documents appear to have negative sentiment. Referencing this list, we can jump into each of those documents and examine the analysis on a sentence-by-sentence basis.

Sentiment analysis was able to reduce our 10,000-document data set into just 75 documents that laid out all of Mr. Otto Mation's plan, including his step-by-step timeline to take over the world and everyone he was colluding with to get this plan done.

Get Documents Ready for Production: Redact & PDFs

Now that we know precisely what Mr. Otto Mation's plan was, we need to inform the public quickly for everyone’s safety. This requires us to produce our documents. But, before we go there, we need to address the fact that a lot of the documents contain sensitive information. We’ll use Redact to automate the redactions that will help us protect PII that shouldn’t be shared.

To accomplish this, pre-built regular expressions help identify what needs to be redacted, and then Redact does the work for us. (We can also use the new find and redact functionality to help us quickly find sensitive information and redact it with the click of a button.)

With that accomplished, all that’s left is to QC the work and begin producing. With RelativityOne’s new PDF application, we can quickly create a searchable PDF that includes our redactions and highlight sets, then easily export it and and ultimately share Mr. Otto Mation's plans with the public to stop him before it’s too late.

RelativityOne in the Real World

With RelativityOne, we can quickly and easily set up this imaginary investigation so that our reviewers could jump in right away—and we could focus on giving them the strategic advice they needed to get to the bottom of it.

In reality, investigation and litigation teams all over the world use RelativityOne every day to conduct much more nuanced projects with real stakes using fewer resources and much less time. Meanwhile, our engineers are constantly finetuning and improving RelativityOne to help enable AI-powered legal document review in new and better ways than ever before.

If you want to see the latest of these features in action, check out our recent webinar

*Note: Sentiment Analysis will be available for RelativityOne customers later this year.

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Andie Linker is a member of the product marketing team at Relativity.