RelativityOne for Data Privacy

Minimize the strain of information access requests.

Create customized and repeatable processes to comply with local privacy regulations, respond quickly to requests, and keep personal data secure.

Scale Your Process with Confidence

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Reduce your burden

Eliminate manual workflows and build a streamlined process to easily search and review unstructured data like emails, text documents, and chats. Track requests over time to manage workloads and revisit past requests.
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Comply with local regulations

RelativityOne offers industry-leading security and hosting in 15 different geographies so data can reside in the right location for your organization. Customizable workflows and a standard template built with GDPR regulations in mind help you meet the criteria of a wide variety of privacy regulations.
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Promote to investigation

For requests that carry a higher legal risk or are expected to result in litigation, take advantage of RelativityOne’s leading, end-to-end e-discovery and investigation capabilities.

Deliver Faster with a Powerful Data Privacy Solution

And meet the moment as new privacy regulations arise.

Automate redactions

Streamline and automate the application of image and native redactions over millions of pages.

Narrow your focus

Powerful searching, culling, and filtering find precisely what you’re looking for and ignore the rest.

Track requests

Keep track of requests no matter where they sit in your organization and regardless of volume with customizable tracking and dashboards.

Respond, comply, repeat. Take your first step today.

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