Relativity Certifications

Relativity certifications help you validate your proficiency in e-discovery, add more value to your organization, and distinguish yourself in the industry. There’s a certification for everyone.

Product Certifications

Advanced Certifications


  • 70+ hours of study
  • 6+ months Relativity admin experience recommended
  • Counts towards Expert and Master status
Skilled Certifications


  • 30+ hours of study
  • 6+ months relevant Relativity experience recommended
  • Counts towards Expert and Master status
Beginner Certifications


  • 5+ hours of study
  • Any experience level can be successful

Trainer Certifications

Relativity Certified Trainer

  • 60 hours of prework and a bootcamp
  • Relativity Certified Administrator required
  • Employment at a sponsoring company required

Continue Your Journey

Everyone has a unique certification journey. Think about your goals and what’ll personally set you up for success.

What to consider when deciding which exam to take:

  • What is my role?
  • What specific product areas do I work in?
  • What are my career goals?
  • What processes or workflows do I need to take training for?
  • How much time am I willing to spend studying for a certification?
  • Have I taken or prepared for a Relativity certification exam before?

You can earn Relativity Master or Expert status by pursuing the Relativity Certified Administrator certification and our Specialist exams. Holding 2-3 specialist certifications concurrently earns you Relativity Expert status. Holding 4+ specialist certifications concurrently earns you Relativity Master status. If any certification expires, and you no longer meet the requirements, your Expert or Master status will expire or downgrade.

Pro and Trainer certifications do not count toward Expert or Master status.

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