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More than half of Relativity customers have moved to the cloud to take advantage of the rapid innovation found in the industry’s most secure, simply powerful solution.

There’s a lot in store for you. Let’s take a look.

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The world’s leading organizations rely on RelativityOne for e‑discovery and investigations

RelativityOne has the industry’s largest customer base and data footprint for a reason. Hundreds of organizations have gone all in and are enjoying reduced risk, legendary support, and a great product experience.

Take advantage of cloud-only capabilities that deliver real results

RelativityOne empowers you with solutions and integrations that significantly streamline key processes and tasks for e-discovery and investigations.

Relativity Server to RelativityOne - Relativity Contracts icon

Relativity Contracts

Manage your most complex contract analysis projects with a powerful solution, designed to accelerate review and get you to valuable insights faster.

Relativity Server to RelativityOne - Review Center icon

Review Center

Enjoy a centralized and simplified review experience with streamlined administration and AI-powered innovation. A rich reporting dashboard helps you assess progress, prioritize the most relevant material, and manage projects more efficiently.

Relativity Server to RelativityOne - Translate icon


Use AI to quickly and securely translate large batches – or single documents – into more than 100 languages, without ever leaving the platform. See the translated document in its original layout, with all the important context clues intact.

Relativity Server to RelativityOne - Redact icon


Automate redactions to protect PII and adhere to evolving global privacy regulations. Redact is the industry’s most comprehensive redaction solution – and it’s included at no additional cost.

Relativity Server to RelativityOne - Collect icon


Easily collect data directly from the most widely used enterprise platforms – saving time and minimizing risk.

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Use cloud-only automation to maximize efficiency and reduce human error in the case setup process.

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Powerful cloud discovery with Microsoft

Reduce risk and gain peace of mind knowing your most sensitive data is protected within Azure and bolstered by Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar security investment. Our partnership also means seamless collections and transfers: go from the Microsoft 365 suite to RelativityOne without leaving the system.

Maximize your productivity

The cloud enables unparalleled platform speed and ongoing optimization that allows you to significantly increase efficiency.

  • 470 hours and 19,349 clicks saved per customer in 2022 via automation
  • .15 second doc-to-doc speed
  • .28 second jump-in speed

Gain better insights and deliver more value with AI in RelativityOne

Whether you’re conducting an investigation or managing e-discovery, AI in RelativityOne helps you work more efficiently.

Best-in-class cloud architecture that delivers greater scale and advanced automation

Tackle projects of any size or complexity with elastic scale and be empowered with immediate AI-driven insights found only in the cloud.

A wide variety of integrated tools

Cloud technology will enable the best of our AI roadmap. In RelativityOne, you’ll gain access to some of our most exciting upcoming enhancements including Active Learning efficiency increases, better search and visualizations, sentiment analysis, translation, and more.

Greater productivity

A tailored user experience and ongoing finetuning of AI models will help you get to the facts faster and deliver better results.

We’ll guide you on your journey to the cloud – every step of the way

A Seamless Transition

Move your data from Relativity Server to RelativityOne with incredible ease, speed, and just a few clicks.

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