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Transform e-discovery with AI

From technology-assisted review to powerful analytics and visualizations, Relativity has been a leader in artificial intelligence for over a decade.

Now, we’ve combined the best of human knowledge with the most advanced technology to give you people-led AI – artfully designed to transform how you organize, discover, and act on your data.

Built Responsibly

AI is transforming e-discovery for the better – but it’s not without its challenges. We recognize the risks AI can create, and we’re committed to addressing them with processes that are thoughtful, disciplined, and trusted among our community. At the end of the day, how we build is just as important as what we build.

Relativity’s AI Principles guide our everyday decision-making to ensure we’re creating technology that’s clear, fair, and gives our customers the utmost control.

Designed with Purpose

Every one of our AI solutions is created to solve a specific legal challenge. That level of intention means greater efficiency, better transparency, and more responsible applications for the industry at large.

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Harm, Less? The Story of Relativity’s Fit-for-Purpose AI Model

Harm, Less? The Story of Relativity’s Fit-for-Purpose AI Model

See how we built (and then re-built) sentiment analysis in RelativityOne to minimize harm.

How It Started


Our first iteration of Analytics hits the market, helping review teams cull and analyze documents faster than ever.


We release technology-assisted review to amplify the manual review process.


Three years brought three big advancements: structured analytics, cluster visualization, and email thread visualization to transform review.


Active learning makes its debut to help teams surface the most relevant documents.


We add communication analysis to Analytics to help reviewers clearly follow a conversation and see who’s talking to whom. 


It’s a big year for reviewing and protecting personal information: we release Redact for automated image and native redactions and acquire Text IQ for applying AI to identify sensitive data. 


Your review is getting faster, easier, and more accurate with new AI features like sentiment analysis, Review Center, updates to communication analysis, and more to come.

How It’s Going

Today, Relativity is the industry’s most widely used AI solution. And that’s not just good for us – it’s good for you, too. With customer feedback and vast amounts of data running through our models, we can continuously examine and improve our AI over time, helping you produce even better results.


organizations around the world use AI created by Relativity


terabytes of cumulative analytics usage in RelativityOne


terabytes of data analyzed since 2008

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Relativity + Microsoft

Innovating Together

Building Generative AI for e-Discovery

Relativity has a close, long-standing partnership with Microsoft, and we’re currently collaborating with their engineering teams to pilot more solutions built on generative models, such as ChatGPT and GPT-4. Together, we’ll improve outcomes in your investigation and litigation projects – from relevance review to PII detection and more.

Expanding Personal Information Detectors with Azure Cognitive Services

Translate in RelativityOne is powered by a generative AI model from Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, and soon we’ll extend that offering to products for personal information detection and data breach response. Finding PII is about to get easier.

One Seamless Solution, Built Secure on Azure

RelativityOne was built on top of Microsoft Azure, giving you the global reach and security of an industry-leading cloud. Work confidently knowing that your sensitive data will always be in one secure place.

Learn about Security at Relativity

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Apply AI to every step of your project with RelativityOne: a single location for all your e-discovery needs.

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Review Management
Find everything you need for document review, in one central location.

  1. 1 Streamline review management with intuitive AI
  2. 2 Gain deep insights through detailed reporting and real-time feedback
  3. 3 Leverage the latest advancements with flexible, future-proof technology
Learn more about Review Center
Relativity Artificial Intelligence: Relativity Data Breach Response - Notify Icon

Relativity Data Breach Response
Respond to data breaches quickly, accurately, and intelligently.

  1. 1 Use pre-trained AI models to find documents containing personal information
  2. 2 Get an initial impact assessment within 48-72 hours of a breach
  3. 3 Generate notification lists to send out timely notices and avoid fines
Relativity Artificial Intelligence: Sentiment Analysis - Icon

Sentiment Analysis
Uncover emotional context with fit-for-purpose AI.

  1. 1 Expose key narratives using models developed specifically for legal use cases
  2. 2 Prioritize documents with high levels of positivity, negativity, anger, or desire
  3. 3 See results at a sentence-specific level, highlighted in their source material
Learn about Sentiment Analysis
Relativity Artificial Intelligence: Translation - Icon

Translate 100+ languages at once into your business language.

  1. 1 Translate large batches or single documents on the fly
  2. 2 Retain the layout and context of the original document
  3. 3 Reduce translation time from days to minutes
  4. 4 Powered by a generative AI model from Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

Translate 1 document every 10 seconds in 100+ languages and 12,000+ combinations

Relativity Artificial Intelligence: Privilege, Personal Information, Data Breach - Icon

Relativity Personal Information Detect
Overcome your biggest data privacy challenges with AI-powered workflows.

  1. 1 Identify patterns and context that traditional approaches miss
  2. 2 Meet privacy obligations with pre-trained and custom personal information detectors
  3. 3 Eliminate false positives and provide better results to your clients
Relativity Artificial Intelligence: Privilege, Personal Information, Data Breach - Icon

Relativity Privilege Identify
Reduce disclosure risks with a more accurate, consistent privilege review.

  1. 1 Find privileged content to reduce clawbacks and safeguard your reputation
  2. 2 Go beyond document analysis to develop a deeper understanding of individuals and their privilege status
  3. 3 Automate your first-pass privilege review and easily build privilege logs

Meet Our AI Community

From Our AI Visionaries

These remarkable professionals are blazing a trail for AI adoption in legal and compliance. We couldn’t be prouder to have them in our circle.
Meet the 2023 Visionaries

"Most organizations that successfully adopt AI don't have a top-down mandate. It's usually one or two people who start experimenting in a small way. Start small and focused, then lilypad from there."

Acorn Legal Solutions logo
Lia Majid
Chief Executive Officer at Acorn Legal Solutions

"The power of technology, innovation, and AI is essential for moving your company forward, strengthening your brand, and enhancing your future."

JPMorgan Chase & Co. logo
Sadie Khodorkovsky
Global Head of Legal Discovery

"By using AI, we can reduce human stress, burnout, and turnover, and instead allow our talented attorneys to focus on the kinds of problems that drew people into the profession in the first place."

Foley & Lardner LLP logo
Benjamin Dryden
Partner and Vice Chair of the Antitrust Partner Group

To Our Own AI Experts

We’re deeply invested in research, development, and bringing top talent to Relativity – we want the brightest minds to do the best work. Our team of world-class AI researchers, engineers, and developers deeply understand and are committed to solving today’s most important legal challenges.

Our Team by the Numbers


Relativians in Research & Development


Invested in Research & Development each year


Relativians dedicated to AI innovation

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Our Approach to AI Makes a Difference

AI has a wide-reaching impact, far beyond courtrooms and regulations. See how our company and customers are using the technology to solve big challenges.

Harm, Less? The Story of Relativity's Fit-for-Purpose AI Model

When we set out to build sentiment analysis into RelativityOne, minimizing harm and engineering responsible AI took top priority. Learn more about how we did it—and why it matters.

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On the Merits: Labor Trafficking

Labor trafficking happens everywhere, but AI can help. See how our community is harnessing it to thwart traffickers.

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Confronting Algorithmic Bias with Dr. Timnit Gebru

Renowned AI researcher Dr. Timnit Gebru explains the dangers of algorithmic bias and why it’s our collective responsibility to pave the road for ethical AI.

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