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Accelerate your data breach response

Respond to breaches quickly, accurately, and intelligently. Relativity Data Breach Response uses AI to streamline your work, saving time when it matters most.

Speed up your response from beginning to end

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Leverage pre-trained, ready-to-go machine learning models to quickly find documents containing personal information.

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Data Breach Response will provide an initial assessment of the impacted PI and entities – everything you need to accurately estimate the scope, impact, and cost for your clients.

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Sending out timely notifications is crucial to avoiding fines and maintaining trust. Data Breach Response creates a recommended notification list – so you can act fast and steer clear of penalties.

Award-winning technology for leading organizations

AI Excellence Awards 2023 Winner
ILTA's Distinguished Peer Awards | 2022 Trailblazer Award Winner

Proven Intelligence, Trusted Technology

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Maintain client trust

Give your clients peace of mind when they need it most. Data Breach Response helps you respond quickly and intelligently, while reducing the likelihood of missed personal information and duplicate notifications.

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Stay safe in RelativityOne

Find personal information and generate notification lists without ever leaving the security of the cloud.

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Cut your review population in half

Pre-trained AI models automatically identify personal information and personal health information, so you don’t have to.

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Watch AI get smarter over time

Data Breach Response is built to solve large sensitive data challenges and learn from context. You’ll get more value from your investment every time you use it.

Respond to data breaches, quickly and intelligently

Leverage the latest AI and a full suite of tools in RelativityOne to support data breach response.

Streamlined document review

Visualize AI predictions, quickly extract personal information by labeling directly in the native viewer, and generate entities with linked personal information.

Entity normalization

Avoid duplicate notifications and consolidate your notification report in one platform.

AI-trained PI & PHI identifiers

Accurately identify personal information using 120+ pre-trained identifiers that use machine learning to improve during review.

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