Pricing for RelativityOne

Pricing for RelativityOne

Meet your unique needs with flexible pricing plans. Only pay for what you use, and how you use it.

Pay As You Go

Get up and running with zero upfront commitment. Pay month to month based on how much you use.

Flex Commit

Save up to 25% with a flexible one- or three-year subscription. Choose how much data to use – and when and how to use it.

Features Pay As You Go Flex Commit
24/7 support
Access to solutions experts
Volume discounts
Flexible storage tiers
Additional discounts
Platform customization capabilities

Do More with Relativity

Relativity Trace

Detect misconduct as it happens with our communication surveillance product. Reach out to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The pay-as-you-go option is a month-to-month commitment, with no long-term contracts. You only pay for what you use. It’s the ideal plan for organizations with unpredictable project volumes.

With the flex commit plan, you sign up for either a one- or three-year contract and commit to a certain annual spend. That amount can be spread across the three years, and you can always add in more money, as needed. Flex commit is ideal for organizations who can estimate their usage to unlock more savings.

Pay as you go and flex commit both include access to RelativityOne’s full suite of capabilities:

Relativity Trace, our communication surveillance product, is not included as part of RelativityOne, but is available to purchase on its own or as an add-on.

The discount depends on your payment terms. If you commit to a three-year, annual up-front payment, you’ll receive a 25% discount from the pay-as-you-go plan. If you commit to one year up front, you’ll receive a 10% discount from the pay-as-you-go plan.

No, all Analytics functionality is included in your RelativityOne license. You do not need to purchase it separately.

No, all Processing functionality is included in your RelativityOne license. You do not need to purchase it separately.

Both pay as you go and flex commit licensing plans give you the ability to optimize your spend by leveraging different storage tiers, depending on what you need from your data:

  • Review: Full functionality of Analytics, coding, and productions to manage an active case.
  • Repository: Simplified functionality ideal for the early case assessment (ECA) phase of your case. It is equipped with everything you need for ECA on processed data, while providing more cost-effective pricing.
  • Cold storage: Option for storing inactive cases for an extended period of time. With cold storage, you can retain full control over your old case data and easily archive and restore workspaces as needed for future cases.

Staging is a storage area where you can stage data for processing in RelativityOne or store raw data or archived workspaces. For situations where you have the data, but are waiting to begin processing, you can store data in your staging area for access when you’re ready to process.

Platform customization capabilities include access to APIs and custom agents that enable you to build custom solutions and pages, connect to other systems, and leverage third-party developed applications in RelativityOne.

Store is a storage option in the flex commit plan (and available to purchase as an add-on for pay as you go). It enables you to cost-effectively preserve large volumes of collected data or archive inactive workspaces for longer term storage. Once purchased, Relativity will deploy an additional 50 TB of file server to your environment.

We have Relativity Certified Partners across the globe, offering tailored solutions and consultation in specialized industries. Learn more about our different types of partners and the services they offer.